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* Update * Accepting Featured Title Requests

Thursday, November 2, 2017
Featured Title Requests

It's official! The "Featured Title Request" form is now online for authors new to On My Kindle who want to spread the word about their books.

For the authors who have worked with me, supported me, and followed me in the past (you know who you are), DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM! Please email me instead.

For the authors who are new to On My Kindle and have not been referred by an author I know, or an author I met at a book convention, please visit my "Featured Title Requests" page for information regarding fees and terms.

I know that some folks are going to be a little butt-hurt by this; I mean, why should you pay to feature your book when I've been featuring books for free for a while now? The answer is quite simple: for every single author I have worked with up until now, I encounter at least 3 new authors who think that it's acceptable to send book bloggers pushy, disrespectful emails. These authors do not bother visiting the blog to see my work before sending these demanding emails, they disregard the fact that I have stated clearly and on multiple websites when I'm currently not accepting requests, and disregard the preferences regarding content that are clearly stated on this blog multiple times. 

This leads me to believe that these folks do not respect the time and energy I put into the blog. The only way I can come up with to make them respect my time and energy is by charging a modest fee. Seriously... $5 is cheap when compared to the services I'm providing and what other book bloggers are charging for similar services. I also happen to give two shits about the authors I work with, including the authors who have only requested featured title posts from me in the past. 

I don't charge for book reviews. I won't charge authors who I have worked with before because they have shown respect for my time and energy. I won't charge the authors they refer to me because I know they won't refer an author who is going to be pushy and disrespectful.