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* Flashback Friday * Voices by P.S. Winn

Friday, November 10, 2017
#FlashbackFriday, Voices, P.S. Winn, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Some one is killing the down and out who drink down in the mine tunnel. The sheriff of a small town is at his wits end. A few clues might be nice, but Sheriff Hamlin is having a hard time finding any and he has a few other problems to deal with.
Front cover image, Voices, #FlashbackFriday

Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: January 10, 2014

P.S. Winn is one of the authors who frequented On My Kindle during its early years, and continues to be an avid supporter of On My Kindle. I've read quite a few of her books and her ability to create short, easy-to-read, fully-formed novels still amazes me!

Reviews of Voices

In my review, I compared Voices with works written by well-known authors like James Patterson and John Grisham. Don't let the length of Voices fool you, the story line may seem simple at first glance but it is surprisingly complex!

Here's what other reviewers thought of it:
Hold onto your hat as you read. It will be needed. - Berk Rourke
All in all this is a tense and satisfying read. Highly recommended! - chettsgenie
This is a psychological thriller you won’t want to miss. - Broadway Turk Superstar

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About P.S. Winn

P.S. Winn, author
P.S. Winn, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
I am an avid writer, reader and reviewer. I am constantly with a book whether mine or someone else's. Because I love to read, I find that I am always thinking of my readers when I write and thanking them for what they add to my books. Their imagination added to mine complete the story.

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