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* Flashback Friday * An Unexpected Bonding (The Unexpected Trilogy, Book 1) by Lilly Rayman

Friday, December 8, 2017
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For centuries there has been hatred, bloodshed and killing between the vampire and wolf nations.


After the death of her mother, she was now the only wolf-less member of the Romulus pack, and found it almost impossible to live with them. With the Alpha's permission she left to travel the country. When she fell in love, she found her place in the world and settled with the man of her dreams on his cattle ranch in Texas. But after nearly a decade away from the pack, Livvie's life is about to change. Will she embrace this change or fight it?


The vampire, son of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, is wandering. His heart is aching, and his soul is restless. Eventually he finds himself in Texas, working for a beautiful woman with a magnetic pull he does not understand. It's only when she is taken from him, that he recognises a bond that is stronger than all others. The truth of that bond will shake him to his core.

Will the unexpected bonding between wolf and vampire be enough to overcome the centuries of hatred and bring peace and unity to all?
Will the wolf and the vampire overcome their own heartaches to accept their bonding and let romance evolve?

Best Work and Most Popular Work in the iParchment writing rally 2014.
Unexpected Bonding, front cover image

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Format: eBook
Publication Date: November 22, 2014
Series: The Unexpected Trilogy

When I was asked to review An Unexpected Bonding, I half expected it to be a sappy, cliched romance. I was pleasantly surprised when my expectations turned out to be false. I discovered that her characters had interesting backgrounds and was drawn in by the origin stories of the different races. I also thought that it would make a great read for fans of Twilight who were interested in reading a more mature storyline.

Reviews of An Unexpected Bonding

You can flashback to my review, but also make sure to check out what other readers are saying:
This is an unexpected novel indeed! ~ RaeleighReads
In a lot of ways, An Unexpected Bonding makes a conscious effort to try and take the popularized formula and mix it up in an interesting blend of different familiar things. ~ Derek Bailey
If you like a different paranormal read, then I would highly recommend this story. It is unique in its own rights and will have you on the edge of your seat turning pages to reveal the epic battle that laid ahead. ~ Astronimamkm Mary

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About Lilly Rayman

Lilly Rayman, author
Lilly Rayman, author. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
First and foremost I am a wife and mother. I was born in England where I had a dream at the age of 14. That dream was to chase cattle on horseback across the Australian Outback. In , I had the opportunity to follow that dream, and found myself travelling to Australia on an Outback working holiday; and I've chased cattle; on horse back; across the Outback. I met my soul mate, whilst on my working holiday, married him, and we have two beautiful daughters, and I'm still loving life in Australia.

I love to read, much to my husbands dismay sometimes when I have my head metaphorically buried in the pages of a book (I mean, how can that be literal since the dawn of e-books?)!

I love fantasy, I used to take myself away from my shitty world of bullies and appear in some wonderful land of dragons and magic! Pern was my all time favourite hide out world, God bless Anne and Todd MacCaffery.

When in immersed in my fantasy worlds, I used to re-write the plots in my head, starring myself as some great, sword drawn character who wouldn't give two hoots what the local bully thought! That eventuated in my actually writing down my own stories. I've even been brave and posted my Dragon Queen stories which are the product of my childhood.

I hope you can find enjoyment in my hide away from reality!

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Below is the old cover from back when I reviewed the book. In my opinion, it reflects the depth of the plot because there's more going on in the book than romance. The new cover still looks good, but I think it highlights the romantic elements of the plot more. It'll attract romance readers for sure, and I wonder if it will attract readers like me who are not adverse to romance but want a substantial plot.

What do you think?
An Unexpected Bonding, previous edition cover

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