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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Lexi and I had a rough weekend and I'm sorry to say that we received some bad news.

Last Thursday, I wasn't feeling too well and I was walking out of my bedroom and Lexi tried to slip past me like she always does. My balance and timing were a bit off and I brushed her with my foot as she slipped past me. She yelped and then started acting oddly. Mike and I weren't really too sure what happened because I didn't kick her or step on her, and we thought that maybe her feelings got a bit hurt because Mommy couldn't avoid her.

The next morning, Lexi wasn't doing any better; she was panting and shaking, and she refused to eat or drink anything. She was favoring her right hind leg a little more than usual and we think that when she tried to slip past me, she whacked her knee on the doorframe. Since she was apparently distressed, we decided that she needed to see a vet and I managed to find one who was willing to see her the same day.

At first, the vet who saw her was a bit upset at me, until he realized that she'd been checked out by a vet in September who didn't tell me everything I needed to know. While the other vet mentioned that Lexi's right hind kneecap was sliding, she said it would cause a bit of stiffness. She advised us not to overwork it and advised against surgery. The vet who looked at Lexi noticed that her right hind leg is underdeveloped and speculated that, on top of the kneecap sliding, she might be favoring the leg because her ACL is torn or stretched. He advised us that the surgery is expensive and its success rate on small dogs is hit-and-miss. He said that if the leg continues to bother her, amputation might be the best course of action. He prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medications and said that rest would help to improve her condition; however, we can't know for sure unless her hind leg is x-rayed. I wasn't able to get the x-ray done because I didn't have $100 handy.

The emergency vet visit yielded even more bad news when he looked at her teeth. The vet who checked her out in September mentioned one tooth that needed to be kept an eye on; however, the vet we just saw said that several of Lexi's teeth need to be extracted. He estimated that the extraction will cost $400. I'm hoping that between working and my income tax return, I'll be able to come up with that amount; however, it may end up being too little and too late.

Lexi is eating and drinking for me now. I had to go to work yesterday and she wasn't very cooperative with Uncle Mike. She slept a lot, refused to drink for him, and then wouldn't let him put her harness on her to ride with him when he picked me up from work. I came home to find her panting and shaking; however, after I spent 15 minutes petting and talking to her, she calmed down and even ate her food for me. She also decided to camp underneath the dining chair I sit at when I'm on the computer, so sitting at the computer to write or read is problematic.

Currently Reading

I'm going to level with you... Between being sick with this upper respiratory virus (cold, flu, whatever) and what's going on with my little furbaby, I'm a bit behind on writing reviews. I'm kinda/sorta reading but I don't want to lose track of what I'm trying to review. This week's TBR is going to look a bit sparse and the number of reviews I'm sharing might dwindle next week and the week after.

Bad Bloods: July Thunder by Shannon A. Thompson, currently reading
From best-selling author Shannon A. Thompson comes an exciting new duology in the Bad Bloods universe.

Fourteen-year-old Violet has been called many things: a bad blood, a survivor, an immortal…now she has a new name—citizen. But adjusting to a lawful life is not easy, especially when she must live under the rule of the same officers who justified the killings of her flock only eight months earlier.

Segregation of bad bloods and humans is still in effect, and rebellious Violet steps into a school where she is not allowed. When the police get involved, things deteriorate quickly, sparking a new revolution at the wall separating the Highlands from the outskirts.
That's when Caleb steps in. He might appear to be an average sixteen-year-old bad blood, but he has secrets, and Violet is determined to figure them out. Caleb knows who's attacking the wall and why, but his true identity remains a mystery—and how he relates to Violet could shake the threatened city to its very core.

Together or not, a storm will form, a rally will start, and shocking truths will be revealed.

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Vigilance (The Aeternum Chronicles Book 2) by H.G. Chambers

Vigilance by H.G. Chambers, TBR
Something reaches out from the void, eating away at the fabric of creation.
I'll keep you updated on Lexi's condition through my Marvelous Monday posts, on my Facebook page, and on the crowdfunding profile I've created in an effort to supplement what money I'm able to save up.

Have a Marvelous Monday and a happy holiday!

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