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Meet Charity 

Hi, thanks for stopping by On My Kindle. My name is Charity Rowell. I am the owner of this blog and the person that writes all of the book reviews that you see. Here are 10 facts about me that might interest you:

1) I received a Kindle for Christmas in 2014 and I started downloading and reviewing free books and apps on Amazon.

2) In April 2015, I lost my "day job" and started writing reviews for compensation. I stopped when I realized that I was violating Amazon's and Goodreads' TOS, but you can still read those reviews on this blog.

3) I originally wanted to buy the .com domain for On My Kindle, but it cost $10,000 so I settled for the .net domain.

4) The first author to approach me about reviewing a book was An Indian, author of India Was One.

5) One of the first one-star review ratings I gave was for Rational Polemics by Richard Todd Devins.

6) When I was writing reviews for a book review service, I hated that I could not engage with the authors of the books that I reviewed.

7) It took me eight hours a day, five days a week on Twitter to start getting book review requests on a regular basis.

8) I know that I could pump out more book reviews per day/week, but I like to help authors promote their books by posting reviews on multiple book sites and promoting their books on social media.

9) I hate giving books 3-stars or less on book sites. I feel like I am letting the author down when I do, but my drive to be honest and stay true to myself is more dominant than my feelings of inadequacy when I give a book 3 stars.

10) Despite outward appearances, I still feel awkward on social media and have yet to become a social media "expert."

Meet Lexi, On My Kindle's Official Mascot

Pre-adoption photo of Lexi from Route 66 Pet Rescue

Photo of Lexi taken September 30, 2016 by Charity Rowell
Hi, my name is Lexi Rowell and I am a nine-year-old Maltese. I was rescued from a puppy mill and my foster mother had me for about a month before I was adopted by Mommy on September 29, 2016.

I do not read or write reviews, but I do watch Mommy as she's reading books, writing reviews, and spending time on social media. 

Here are 10 facts about me:

1) I have allergies, so Mommy gives me a quarter of a Benadryl a day. If she buries it in peanut butter, I suck the good stuff off before spitting out the yucky pill! However, I will accept it willingly if the pill is buried in Velveeta cheese or crushed up in my food.

2) Mommy plans on keeping my hair short because she doesn't want a show dog, she wants a companion. 

3) I do not like having the crate door closed on me. I will bark the whole time I am stuck in it if the door is closed, but I am fine if it is not closed. I am usually pretty good about staying in my crate, even if the door is open.

4) I sometimes like chew toys. I love bully sticks and a "wood" stick that Mommy pays around $7.00 to buy.

5) If I know that a picture is being taken of me, I pose. If Mommy sneaks one of me, she gets a dirty look afterward.

6) The tear stains around my eyes are normal. My doctor offered Mommy a product to remove them, but Mommy said that she thought the tear stains gave my face some character.

7) I have night terrors sometimes, but Mommy wakes me up and tells me that I am okay and give me lots of love. 

8) I sleep a lot, except at night! I also will not go to bed until Mommy turns on The Simpsons.

9) I like long walks in the park and enjoy meeting new two-footed friends, but I'm still not sure about four-footed friends.

10) In case you don't realize it by now, I'm a furry little princess and become extremely butt-hurt when I don't get my way.

Lexi, taken September 17, 2017 by Charity Rowell