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Featured Title Requests

Due to the number of books being released on Fridays for the next month, I am currently not accepting Featured Title Requests and the form has been disabled. I will post on social media and the blog when I enable the form.

On My Kindle is frequently backlogged with book review requests that I just cannot fulfill. While I would love to fulfill all of these requests, it is just not possible; which is why I offer "Featured Title" posts as an alternative to reviews.

I will not feature books with the following content:

Sexual assault

Erotica (multiple, detailed sexual encounters)
IncestDomestic violence, or child abuse
Devotional materialTorture or mutilation of people, or animals

This does not necessarily exclude your book from being featured or review; however, you do need to disclose this content in the space provided on the form.

If I discover that the book I have featured contains the aforementioned content, I will:
  1. Delete any blog posts pertaining to the book.
  2. Block your account on the social media sites we have in common.
  3. Remove all my posts on social media that specifically feature your book.
  4. Automatically refuse all of your future featured title and review requests.

To submit a Featured Title request to On My Kindle:
1. Fill out the "Featured Title Request" form.

2. I will send you a confirmation email within one to two business days letting you know when the Featured Title article for your book will be published on the blog.

3. If you do not receive an email from me in three business days, please send me an email with "Featured Title Request" in the subject line.

Please note: this form should not be used to request reviews. If you want your book reviewed, please visit my Submit a Book page for more information.

Additional Information

I publish featured title posts on Fridays. If I receive your request by Monday, I will feature your book on Friday of the same week. If I receive your request after Monday, I will feature your book on Friday of the following week. I am willing to publish featured title posts on other days of the week (except Saturday and Sunday) with at least 4-5 days advance notice.

By submitting a Featured Title post request, you are agreeing to the terms I have set regarding content, and giving me permission to use the image of the book cover on the blog and on social media for the purpose of promoting the Featured Title post.

Please note: I am extremely backlogged and am not accepting review requests from authors who I haven't worked with before. If you've been referred to me by an author I've worked with before or talked to me about reviewing your books at an indie book convention, please feel free to contact me.

Updated May 31, 2017