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Rating System

On My Kindle Book Reviews does not provide star ratings in the reviews. We do this to avoid consumer bias based on star ratings, rather than the contents of the review. However, since we do post reviews on websites that employ star ratings, we do provide them on those sites.

Since it is our intent to provide honest reviews while serving the indie author community to the best of our ability, the meaning of our starred reviews is different than the standard reasoning found on other websites.

Five Stars

five stars

We loved this book! We either think that nothing about this book needs to be changed, or found one or two minor elements (such as minor editing errors or very minor plot points) that could be tweaked to make it more awesome.

Four Stars

four stars

We still loved this book, but there were one or two major elements (such as editing that substantially affects readability or major plot points) that could be changed.

Three Stars

three stars

This book wasn't one of our favorites but it had some redeeming qualities such as a solid plot, a good premise, or fantastic characters. It could be awesome if the issues we discussed in the review were addressed.

Two Stars

two stars

This rating is rarely given. The book is almost unreadable due to multiple and invasive editing errors, plot holes, or glaring inaccuracies. Also given if something minor about the book is misrepresented; for instance, stating that the female protagonist is "strong" and she turns out to be whiny, self-centered, and snivelling. 

One Star

one star

This rating is more rare than a "two-star" rating. The author of the book has completely and totally misrepresented the whole premise of the book. For example, in non-fiction books, opinions supported by conjecture and assumptions are stated as facts; in fiction, the author has misled consumers about the book's contents in the blurb. The book is completely unreadable and, if we had an actual print copy of the book, it would be used for kindling.

Did Not Finish (DNF)

On My Kindle does not review books that we do not read in full. If we are unable to finish a book, we will provide an explanation to the author privately. If the author's reacts with malice, then we will provide an explanation of our reasons for the DNF on the blog and the author will be blocked from our email and social media accounts.

On My Kindle provides honest reviews. We understand the gravity of rating a book less than three stars. We try to avoid rating a book less than three stars; however, it has happened in the past. Authors cannot appeal a review, we will not change or remove reviews at an author's request unless edits to a book have been completed and we are provided with the new edition to read. We also have the right to remove any reviews we deem necessary from the blog and our accounts on third-party sites. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our system, please feel free to contact us.