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Closed Indefinitely

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Copper Pennies by Carrie D. Miller

The Red Twins Series, Book 1
Magda stands in the moonlit cemetery waiting for the spell to work, for her lover to return. But what’s done can’t be undone, and Magda will learn she should have left him in the ground.

Windwalker: Order of the Red Sons by H.G. Chambers

Windwalker #3
Betrayed by those she swore to protect.

Lexi Says #2

Hello, humans! I know it's been a while since you've heard from me, and I have all sorts of news to share with you.

Divided States of America by Aithal

The Galaxy Series #3
The year is 2032. After traveling to a galaxy far far away, the three astronauts are back on Earth, but in the future. What they see shocks them. When they left Earth in 2015, America was united, but they come to a divided country.