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The Pharaoh's Cat by Maria Luisa Lang

Wrappa-Hamen was like any other cat, except he had an intense dislike of eating mice. Once a stray, he finds that he has been endowed with the ability to talk and walk like humans. Wrappa-Hamen's new abilities draw the attention of the seventeen-year-old Pharaoh, and the Pharaoh takes him to live with him at his palace; much to the dislike of the Pharaoh's uncle, the Vizier.

From the Dominion of the Vile: Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall

After the Long World war, Earth and its inhabitants suffered; crops withered, rivers were polluted, and anarchy and godlessness reigned. In this chaos, the Vatican saw an opportunity; drawing on the wealth it had acquired over the centuries, the Vatican offered to provide for the people. In return for its charity, the Vatican demanded only one price; devotion to a new faith, Cathism. Starving and desperate, the people of Europe agreed to the Vatican's demands and watched as the Vatican coveted what technology remained, re-wrote history, and plunged Europe into a second dark age.

Blue Moon Rising: The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 2 by Zara Steen

In the second installment of the Mercrutian Chronicles, Anya returns to Seabright after spending a summer with the Science Mers. During her time with the Science Mers, she learned more about how the Mers' enemy, the Depths, and how to control her empathic and water abilities. Her happiness to return to Seabright is short lived when she discovers that her betrothed, Merrick, is acting the same; he is still aloof and dating Gina.

Beyond The Milky Way by Aithal

Earth is dying; leeched of its natural resources and overwhelmed by pollution, it is becoming uninhabitable to human life at an alarming rate. With Congress planning to cut NASA's budget, NASA makes one last effort to demonstrate that space exploration is necessary to the survival of the human race by sending a shuttle to explore a planet that appears to be habitable.

Superstition Canyon by P.S. Winn

Superstition Canyon is a sacred place to the Native American tribes in the area; however, only a few members know all of its secrets. Most of the canyon is fenced off to prevent outsiders from disturbing the land, but sometimes arrowheads and other artifacts are washed down to the part of the canyon that outsiders can visit.

One Second of Loneliness by Timothy French

Over twenty years ago Ashton made a choice to defy destiny and her predetermined fate; altering the fabric of time. Since then, Ashton has been running from destiny and fate while desperately trying to prevent a terrorist attack that will affect thousands of lives and an entire country.

Inside Out by Jack Kearney

Danny Belson is your typical actor wannabe in Hollywood who scrubs toilets, mails head shots, goes to auditions, and attends acting workshops while hoping to get a break. Things start looking up for Danny when he becomes friends with Vince, an East Coast transplant who receives lots of invites to Hollywood parties. When Vince allows Danny to tag along, Danny makes a big impression on a studio head and finds himself in the running for a prime part in a major film production.

Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone (Preview Edition) by Alroy Jovi & M.J. Gallagher

The story begins on August 9, 1923 in Northern India as four-year-old Robin Windsor quietly approaches his mother, Shilpa, who is sitting in a rocking chair and holding his infant brother, Aryan.

Rarity from the Hollow: A Lacy Dawn Adventure by Robert Eggleton

Lacy Dawn seems like a typical Appalachian eleven-year-old girl; bright, resourceful, living in poverty, and trying desperately to "fix" her mother and father. Her father, Dwayne, is a war veteran who suffers from PTSD and prefers to self-medicate; when triggered, he becomes violent and Lacy Dawn and her mother become the target of his rage. Lacy Dawn's mother, Jenny, does her best to protect her daughter; however, she is worn down from years of abuse and sacrificing her dreams to take care of her daughter and husband.

The Mine: Northwest Passage Book 1 by John A. Heldt

Joel is a cocky college senior who has almost earned his geology degree. On a weekend trip with the guys, he decides to explore an abandoned mine in Montana; during his exploration, he observes an anomalous formation. When he returns to the surface to share his find with his friends, he makes a surprising discovery; he entered the mine in May 2000, but exits the mine in May 1941.

Inescapable: Tomorrow by Madge H. Gressley

After recovering her memory, Darcy realizes how connected she feels to Brad and accepts his proposal of marriage. As the couple begins to make wedding plans, Luis offers to pay for the couple's wedding; including hosting the wedding at his estate, and transporting guests to the wedding.

Confronting Truths (Jessica Crawford #2) by Victoria Schwimley

Coveting Love's three leading ladies: Jessica, Amy, and Sara are leading happy lives with their new found loves until each of them are forced by circumstance to confront the men from their pasts.

Inescapable: Remembering by Madge H. Gressley

After being rescued by Brad, Darcy finds herself 5 miles beneath the ocean off the coast of Peru in ORCA's dome complex.

Coveting Love (Jessica Crawford #1) by Victoria Schwimley

Abandoned by her father, and raised by her mother, Sarah, that provided her with all of the opportunities that she never had; Jessica Crawford is a successful fashion photographer that doe not have time to find love; she enjoys spending time with friends and visiting her mother, and has a hard time understanding why her mother keeps trying to play matchmaker.

Inescapable: The Beginning by Madge H. Gressley

When Brad is suddenly called away to personally oversee repairs on a secret project in Lima, he promises Darcey that he will be home in a couple of weeks. When five weeks pass with no word from Brad, Darcey impulsively takes matters in her own hands and decides to travel to Peru in order to find out what has happened to her beloved.

Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook

When Earl gets tired of sharing his heroine with his girlfriend, he spikes her share with some black mold to get her off his back. The trip that she has is one that he will never be able to forget; his girlfriend becomes patient zero for the infection that starts the zombie apocalypse.

Evelina 3: "First Kill" by Tim Pearsall

In the third installment of this dark and supernatural series, readers gain even more glimpses of Evelina's exotic and adventurous past as Domina Mortis. As the story begins, Evelina is blissfully unaware of the death of Cairo's father as she continues to establish herself as a prostitute.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Once established, Evelina thinks of her daughter and decides to find out how Cairo is faring with her father in Malta. Readers can attribute Evelina's timely reflection about her daughter to a mother's intuition or to her impetuous and impulsive nature, but it does not take long for Evelina to discover that Cairo's father is dead and that Cairo is missing. Rather than relying on a trusted retainer, Evelina makes the trip to Malta to try to retrace Cairo's steps in order to discover her whereabouts.
Without her father or mother to guide her, Cairo finds herself in a predicament; not only is she helpless and…

Framed and Burning: Dreamslippers Series Book 2 by Lisa Brunette

What begins as a much-needed break in Florida for Cat and Granny Grace ends up becoming a mystery that the two private investigators find themselves embroiled in as Granny Grace's brother Mick, becomes the prime suspect in a case of arson and murder.

Fated Volition: The Sapphire Star Saga by A.L. Meinhold

The council of elders convenes to discuss a terrible prophecy that foretells a war between twin princes; a war that will bring death and destruction to the citizens of Watreon if the evil twin prevails. Since the prophecy is unclear about which twin represents good and which twin is the harbinger of evil, the council is considering killing both twins to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Into the Trenches by Andrea Barringer

Annelyse, a young woman in her early 20's, is your typical young woman; she has a boyfriend, attends college, and is pretty close to her family. Despite the fact that her family are devout Christians, she is struggling with her faith. When she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she impulsively decides to join the Army.

Life into Mist by Haidji

Haidji introduces readers to the place where souls dwell before they are born on earth, and where dreams come from; a place that she calls "the mist."

Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji

Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji is a stand-alone short story about a fairy and an elf that are inseparable soul mates.

The Lady of the Sea by Branka Valcic

On the island of Skolj there is a story about the Lady of the Sea; a story that is filled with tragedy and unrequited love. It is believed that when the Lady's descendants accept her gifts, they are cursed to follow the Lady's path.

Lot's Mountain by N.R. Allen

Dylan Caid has not had what you'd call an easy life. His brother, Bill, was brutally murdered; his biological parents abused him; his foster parents act a little strange when it comes to dealing with him; and he has this "gift" that has given him nothing but trouble. Dylan Caid's life is about to become even more complicated...

Harables: Short Stories I by Haidji

Haidji, the author of Suicide Game, combines her flair for philosophy and prose to offer readers a collection of short stories called Harables.

A Yellow Winged Stranger by Imran Usman

A note on a wall, written by one convict to another, has the potential to change the lives of two young men. A father has given one of his sons a second chance in life, but can he do the same for the other?

SG - Suicide Game by Haidji

Haidji explains, "SG - Suicide Game is a metaphor about the society where persons almost kill themselves to achieve their goals and forget their dreams..."

A Flame Put Out (Sons of Odin Book 2) by Erin S. Riley

Despite what Selia discovered about Alric's role in enslaving her mother, Selia still loves Alric; she returns to him and decides to stay in Norway.

Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone" by Tim Pearsall

In Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone," Richard and Susan continue to pursue Evelina in Africa; however, both the hunters and the hunted find themselves facing unexpected dangers and adventures on their individual journeys.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
After narrowly escaping from Richard and Susan, Evelina and her daughter, Cairo, head to Egypt to find Cairo's father. On their trip to Egypt, Evelina keeps a watchful eye on Cairo to see if her daughter has inherited her hunger. While it seems that Cairo has yet to inherit her mother's appetite, Evelina is unaware that Cairo has different abilities which will lead her along a dangerous path.
Will Evelina discover that Cairo has these abilities in time, or will Cairo be left to fend for herself on this treacherous path?  Richard and Susan, using clues that Susan's deceased parents left for her, find themselves in Africa where they discover that the authorities have a prime suspect for …

Think Happy Club: Friendship by Anne Saucer & Grace Snoke

Think Happy Club: Friendship is filled with lessons about the meaning of friendship for children, and touching reminders of what friendship is for adults. Saucer and Snoke manage to convey the meaning of true friendship with straightforward and simple terms paired with cute and whimsical illustrations that kids can relate to. 

Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel

Solina Mundy, a baker from North Carolina, has never wandered far from her family's bakery whereas her twin brother, Mani, struck out on his own and traveled to Alaska where he found a job as an adventure guide. Despite the great distance between them, the bond between Solina and Mani was not diminished. Mani shared his adventures in the Alaskan wilderness with Solina and encouraged her to discover adventures on her own, but Solina was content to continue helping her parents with the family business.

Superhighway by Alex Fayman

Alex Fine, an 18-year old orphan has spent most of his life at the orphanage by choice. After being fostered out a couple of times and returned to the orphanage, he decided that he had enough and executed a plan to deter couples from choosing him so that he could remain with the only person that truly cared about him, Ms. Jenkins.

Odin's Shadow (Sons of Odin Book 1) by Erin S. Riley

Niall, an Irish widower and merchant who recently lost his wife during childbirth, discovered two children by the stream behind his house. Feeling unsettled by their appearance, he cautiously approaches the pair to discover that they are twins; a boy and a girl.

In The Victim's Shadow by Victoria Schwimley

Amber Winters was a kind and caring person. As a ballerina, she captivated audiences; however, when she became pregnant with Katherine, she left the world of ballet to raise her daughter and entered the world of modeling with Katherine in tow. One evening, after a modeling session with a five- year old Katherine, the two stopped by a convenience store on their way home for some ice cream. Caught up in a conversation with Katherine, Amber did not realize that the store was being robbed and collided with the robber as he was hurrying away from the store. The robber pulled a gun out and shot Amber in front of Katherine and fled the scene.

The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat by C.E. Allan

Joseph Collins, a successful and wealthy businessman, is informed that his wife, Adrianna, and his daughter, Tianna, are being held hostage by High Lord Daemonium. Joseph suspects that Daemonium took his family hostage because he uncovered an unauthorized project that one of his subsidiaries was working on. Expecting the worst, Joseph edits his last will and testament as his trusted employee, Dan Fuller, drives Joseph to meet with Daemonium at his chateau.

An Unexpected Bonding by Lilly Rayman

Vampires and wolves have been at odds for centuries; however, a faerie queen has foretold that the two races will form an alliance and enjoy peace with each other. The governing vampires decide to propose an alliance through marriage with the wolves, and plan to offer Darius or his twin sister, Isia, as potential mates to cement the alliance.

Artificial Absolutes by Mary Fan

Devin Colt seems to have it all; he is working his way up in the family business, Quasar Bank Corporation, and met the girl of his dreams, Sarah DeHaven, less than a year ago. However, underneath the veneer of accomplishment and ambition lies a rebellious nature, a criminal past, and connections with seedy citizens.

Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

Detective Danny Mancini is working a homicide case. With his partner on maternity leave, he follows his murder suspect to an alley in the hopes of catching the suspect in the act. Hearing a woman scream in the alley, he rushes in hoping that he can save her and catch the murderer. What he discovers in the alley is almost unbelievable to him; the murderer is a vampire, and it is feeding on the victim.

Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

It's November 1, 1934 and the protagonist wakes up face-down in a pool and dead. With no memory of who he is, where he came from, or why he was killed; he stumbles around looking for a place to sleep.

Collisions by P.S. Winn

Melinda and Brock Wilson are madly in love and expecting their first child.

Voices by P.S. Winn

Weston, West Virginia is like any other small, former mining town in America. The local newspaper sensationalizes bits of gossip, the local police department is small and outdated, the local bar is frequented by locals that sometimes get rowdy, and the town has its share of vagrants that like to seek shelter in an old railroad tunnel. However, there is more to Weston than meets the eye.

Heart of Shell: The Mercrutian Chronicles by Zara Steen

Anya is your typical awkward, insecure teenage girl with perpetual bad hair days and braces; except she is not a typical teenage girl, she is part mermaid and part human.

Cat In The Flock: Dreamslippers Book 1 by Lisa Brunette

Ever wonder what other people dream about? Cathedral Grace McCormick ("Cat") does not, because she already knows.

Miasma by Pete Alex Harris

Miasma by Pete Alex Harris is set on the planet of Misama; a wet, swampy planet surrounded by a gaseous cloud that filters out quite a bit of sunlight. Readers are led to believe that Miasma is aptly named because of its atmospheric qualities; however, as the story line progresses, readers learn that there is more behind the meaning of the planet's name.