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Evelina: "Love You To Death" by Tim Pearsall

To call Evelina a vampire would be a poor description of what Evelina is; however, that description is not entirely inaccurate.

I was provided with a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. 

Evelina is an abnormality, a mutant. She has lived for thousands of years, yet she is not immortal. 

She could be considered a vampire because she feeds on and kills humans; however, instead of drinking blood, she feeds on pain and suffering. Torturing her prey as she kills them provides her with a feast. 

Readers are given brief flashes of Evelina's past while following as Evelina prowls through London to sate her appetite. There are few outside of Evelina's "family" that know her true nature; however, with as many lives as Evelina has taken, it was inevitable that a few survivors would become aware of her nature and begin to seek answers. 

Call it fate, destiny, or coincidence; four people whose lives have collided with Evelina's existence meet. One person seeks her to carry on with the work that his father left unfinished when he died; two of them seek revenge for the lives of loved ones that she has taken; and one of them seeks her because he has become enraptured with her, and wishes to protect her. After centuries of hunting, the huntress is the prey. 

Will Evelina be able to evade these "mortals?" Can the man who fell under her spell be reunited with her, or will he lose her after his long search? 

When I was asked to review this book, I thought it would read like most "vampire" books; however, I was wrong. Evelina: "Love You To Death" by Tim Pearsall is dark with elements of the supernormal, the occult and some erotica; it's similar to what readers encounter in the The Mayfair Witches trilogy by Anne Rice, without as much erotica. 

The characters are well-developed, especially since this is the first book in the series; I did not find the connections between the characters surprising as much as I found them intriguing; and the book's pace is steady and fast. I would have appreciated a more linear look at Evelina's past since I was curious about her, but the flashes between the past and present gave enough information to entice readers to continue reading the series without leaving us clueless. The memory flashes confused me at first, and then I realized that the flashes were triggered by the emotions Evelina felt in the present rather than being triggered by a similar event from her past. 

It has been a while since I have read a book this dark, and I can handle darkness in small doses. Evelina: "Love You To Death" was not so long that I could not tolerate the dark aspects of the book, but it was long enough that I did not feel ripped off by too short of a story. 

If you enjoy dark books in the occult genre, even occasionally, Evelina: "Love You To Death" is definitely worth reading.

If you would like to find out more about Tim or Evelina, you can follow his profile on Amazon or chat with him on Twitter.

Update 12/20/18

Evelina has since been revised, edited, and released as Raven.