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Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

Detective Danny Mancini is working a homicide case. With his partner on maternity leave, he follows his murder suspect to an alley in the hopes of catching the suspect in the act. Hearing a woman scream in the alley, he rushes in hoping that he can save her and catch the murderer. What he discovers in the alley is almost unbelievable to him; the murderer is a vampire, and it is feeding on the victim.

Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

It's November 1, 1934 and the protagonist wakes up face-down in a pool and dead. With no memory of who he is, where he came from, or why he was killed; he stumbles around looking for a place to sleep.

Collisions by P.S. Winn

Melinda and Brock Wilson are madly in love and expecting their first child.

Voices by P.S. Winn

Weston, West Virginia is like any other small, former mining town in America. The local newspaper sensationalizes bits of gossip, the local police department is small and outdated, the local bar is frequented by locals that sometimes get rowdy, and the town has its share of vagrants that like to seek shelter in an old railroad tunnel. However, there is more to Weston than meets the eye.

Heart of Shell: The Mercrutian Chronicles by Zara Steen

Anya is your typical awkward, insecure teenage girl with perpetual bad hair days and braces; except she is not a typical teenage girl, she is part mermaid and part human.

Cat In The Flock: Dreamslippers Book 1 by Lisa Brunette

Ever wonder what other people dream about? Cathedral Grace McCormick ("Cat") does not, because she already knows.

Miasma by Pete Alex Harris

Miasma by Pete Alex Harris is set on the planet of Misama; a wet, swampy planet surrounded by a gaseous cloud that filters out quite a bit of sunlight. Readers are led to believe that Miasma is aptly named because of its atmospheric qualities; however, as the story line progresses, readers learn that there is more behind the meaning of the planet's name.

Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces by Ellie Firestone

Sporty and Harley are back, and saving the world from the evil duo, Blarg and Splatt!

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sporty and Harley find themselves in some serious danger when an evil plan concocted by Blarg and Splatt is revealed to them. Blarg and Splatt, with their evil robots, are traveling back in time to take away baby Sporty's super powers. If Blarg's and Splatt's evil scheme is successful, Sporty will not be able to help Harley discover her super powers; which will prevent the dynamic duo from saving the world in the future.

Sporty and Harley have no choice; they must travel back in time with their friends, Icky and Troy, to protect baby Sporty from this dastardly scheme. Will Sporty and Harley be able to save baby Sporty's powers, or will Blarg's and Splatt's plot to conquer the Earth succeed?

Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces by Ellie Firestone is a fun and imaginative story. Ellie's book has an excel…