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Collisions by P.S. Winn

On My Kindle BR's review of Collisions by P.S. Winn

Melinda and Brock Wilson are madly in love and expecting their first child.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Melinda is awakened by labor pains, she and Brock make their way to the hospital on icy and treacherous roads. In spite of Brock's cautious driving, the couple is involved in a car accident; Brock manages to move Melinda to the backseat of their SUV where she gives birth to their daughter, Lindy, before passing away.

Heartbroken by Melinda's death, Brock refuses to remarry and raises Lindy to the best of his abilities. Even though Lindy never knew her mother, she feels that her mother is watching over her. As a young girl, she draws pictures for Melinda and leaves them at her grave; as she matures, the pictures evolve into letters and poetry for her mother and the visits become a way for Lindy to confide in her mother.

Melinda watches Brock and Lindy through the veil that separates the physical and spirit worlds. She is able to stretch the veil for short periods of time to make her presence known; however, she resists the urge to attempt to pass through the veil. What she doesn't know is that her own daughter will inadvertently open the way for Melinda and allow an evil presence to pass through.

During a sleepover that Lindy's friend, Carly, is hosting; Carly breaks out an Ouija board. The teenage girls invoke the spirits to ask who their future husbands will. Lindy feels her mother's presence and wants to reach out to her mother; however, a malevolent presence attaches itself to Lindy and begins stalking her. Melinda does her best to protect Lindy from this evil presence; however, the veil between the two worlds has been torn, and she can only do so much to prevent Lindy from being harmed.

Will Melinda be able to protect her daughter from this evil presence, or will mother and daughter meet for the first time in the spirit world?

From the first page, P.S. Winn's Collisions will grab your heart and not let go. The bond that the three protagonists share transcends death and the interactions between Brock and Lindy are both touching and amusing; there are times when Brock does his best to help Lindy with "female" things, and finds himself struggling to figure out the right thing to do or say.

The characters are developed enough for the story line; the beginning of the book provides enough of a background about Melinda and Brock for readers to figure out that the couple was devoted to each other, and Winn does an excellent job of conveying to readers without words that Brock encouraged the bond between Lindy and her mother.

If you are looking for a book that you can read on a day off, Collisions by P.S. Winn should definitely be on your "to-read" list. The story line is simple, but Winn executes it elegantly!

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