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Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

On My Kindle BR's review of  Stake Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

Detective Danny Mancini is working a homicide case. With his partner on maternity leave, he follows his murder suspect to an alley in the hopes of catching the suspect in the act. Hearing a woman scream in the alley, he rushes in hoping that he can save her and catch the murderer. What he discovers in the alley is almost unbelievable to him; the murderer is a vampire, and it is feeding on the victim.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

During his attempt to detain the murderer, Mancini is knocked unconscious and wakes up in the hospital. He tries to deny what he saw, but his disturbing dreams make it clear that he came face to face with a vampire. After he is released from the hospital, Mancini reports the disturbing details of the incident to his captain. His captain does not believe him, and demands that Mancini undergo a psych evaluation; which Mancini fails. As a result, Mancini is forced to retire.

None of Mancini's friends believe him, not even his partner, and Mancini is left to deal with the memories and nightmares on his own; until an intriguing and attractive woman shows up at his door. The woman introduces herself as Angelica Cross from the Paranormal Investigations Department (PID). Angelica is not only attractive, but she believes Mancini's account of the incident and asks him to join the PID to help track down and kill the vampire.

Mancini agrees to join the PID where he learns how to fight and kill supernatural creatures, and becomes Angelica's partner. He continues having dreams about his run-in with the vampire, Vincent; however, his dreams take an interesting turn. He dreams about Vincent's origins, he also dreams of future stand-offs against Vincent and other supernatural creatures, and his dreams take him on a journey into the world of a past vampire hunter.

Stake Out, Paranormal Detectives Series, Lily Luchesi, book review, On My KindleTo make matters even more complicated, Mancini realizes that his feelings for Angelica are more than mere infatuation, and the partnership extends beyond the workplace. What Mancini does not realize is that his dreams of the past really happened, and those dreams are revealing the secrets that Angelica is keeping from him.

Will Angelica and Mancini track Vincent down and avenge the deaths of the people that he murdered? Can Angelica keep her secrets from Mancini, or will those secrets be revealed and destroy their relationship?

As a reader of vampire-hunter books before, I had a pretty good idea what Angelica's secret was; however, I was not disappointed when my predictions proved to be true because there were other twists in the story that I was not expecting.

There were other elements in Stake-Out that I enjoyed:

First, I really liked Angelica. I've read similar books before, and usually the strong female protagonist ends up having some kind of hang-up that the male protagonist needs to help her with. Don't get me wrong... Angelica has her hang-ups, but she is determined to work through them on her own.

Second, the work-related partnership between Angelica and Mancini is a true partnership; they take turns saving each other's butts when they encounter perps.

Third, the references to Supernatural were pretty cool; I always like it when authors give me little glimpses of what they watch, or listen to in the story.

Finally, Mancini's reaction to Angelica's secret was realistic in my opinion. Luchesi did not bog it down with sappy, grandiose assertions of unconditional love; which does not usually happen when someone is as prejudiced against a group as Mancini is. Luchesi kept her characters real, and I liked it.

Stake-Out by Lily Luchesi combines the paranormal genre with the crime fiction genre to create an intriguing suspense novel that I found hard to put down, and I am looking forward to the sequel.

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