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Voices by P.S. Winn

On My Kindle BR's review of Voices by P.S. Winn

Weston, West Virginia is like any other small, former mining town in America. The local newspaper sensationalizes bits of gossip, the local police department is small and outdated, the local bar is frequented by locals that sometimes get rowdy, and the town has its share of vagrants that like to seek shelter in an old railroad tunnel. However, there is more to Weston than meets the eye.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Cook family has its share of secrets. Brad Cook, owner of Cook Construction, knows that his business is struggling; a fact that he is hiding this from his wife, Jenny, and his son, Jamie. He has no idea that Jenny is planning to divorce him, and that Jamie is using college as a means to escape from his overbearing father and indifferent mother.

Brent Peterson's father owns most of the businesses in town, which is the only reason why Peterson is still a member of Weston's police force. Peterson's secret could not only ruin his chances of remaining on the force, but also create a scandal that his family may not be able to recover from.

Finally, the small town of Weston has a serial killer in its midst; dubbed as "The Slasher" by the local newspaper, the killer preys on the vagrants that seek shelter in the old railroad tunnel ruthlessly slashing their throats with a filleting knife. It is up to two experienced police officers, Hank and Jake, to track the killer down before s/he strikes again.

In Voices by P.S. Winn, readers get a behind-the-scenes look at a small American as the locals try to go about their everyday lives, and the local police try to catch a serial killer that is disrupting the lives of Weston's residents. Will the Cooks be able to continue keeping their secrets from one another, or will they be revealed in an explosive argument? Can Peterson manage to keep his secret, or will his family be ruined in the scandal? Will Jake and Hank find the killer before s/he becomes more bold and starts preying on the locals, or will their investigation be hindered by the local newspaper?

Winn's imagery in Voices is fantastic! Readers are transported to a small town in West Virginia where they get a behind-the-scenes view of the locals as they try to go about their everyday lives, and the local police's investigation. Having lived in a small town I thought that Winn's descriptions of the town and its residents were spot on! From the local newspaper creating a scandal from every bit of gossip and information that it can get its hands on to how the locals interacted with each other; it was like revisiting the small town that I used to live in.

The characters in Voices are well-developed and accurate; Winn captured the spirit of small town folks, and presented it flawlessly. The pace was steady; there were a couple of times when I was anxious to see what would happen next, but Winn did not keep me waiting for too long. It was obvious to me who the killer was, and I think that Winn did this on purpose.

To me, Voices is not about trying to figure out who the killer is; it's about seeing how the other characters in the book figure it out. I found this a refreshing break from the "typical" storyline in the thriller and suspense genre in which readers are guided through twists and turns to discover who the killer is; only to discover that the killer is some random person that was mentioned in one sentence at the beginning of the novel.

If you enjoy reading John Grisham or James Patterson then check out P.S. Winn's Voices. The premise and setting may seem simple, but the story line is complex and thrilling!

You can find out more about Voices and other books written by P.S. Winn on Goodreads; check out her Facebook page where she shares some of her favorite books written by other authors, teasers for her current projects, reviews of her books, and little tidbits that allow readers to get to know her better; or swing by her author page on Amazon and download some samples of her work.