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Harables: Short Stories I by Haidji

Haidji, the author of Suicide Game, combines her flair for philosophy and prose to offer readers a collection of short stories called Harables.

A Yellow Winged Stranger by Imran Usman

A note on a wall, written by one convict to another, has the potential to change the lives of two young men. A father has given one of his sons a second chance in life, but can he do the same for the other?

SG - Suicide Game by Haidji

Haidji explains, "SG - Suicide Game is a metaphor about the society where persons almost kill themselves to achieve their goals and forget their dreams..."

A Flame Put Out (Sons of Odin Book 2) by Erin S. Riley

Despite what Selia discovered about Alric's role in enslaving her mother, Selia still loves Alric; she returns to him and decides to stay in Norway.

Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone" by Tim Pearsall

In Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone," Richard and Susan continue to pursue Evelina in Africa; however, both the hunters and the hunted find themselves facing unexpected dangers and adventures on their individual journeys.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
After narrowly escaping from Richard and Susan, Evelina and her daughter, Cairo, head to Egypt to find Cairo's father. On their trip to Egypt, Evelina keeps a watchful eye on Cairo to see if her daughter has inherited her hunger. While it seems that Cairo has yet to inherit her mother's appetite, Evelina is unaware that Cairo has different abilities which will lead her along a dangerous path.
Will Evelina discover that Cairo has these abilities in time, or will Cairo be left to fend for herself on this treacherous path?  Richard and Susan, using clues that Susan's deceased parents left for her, find themselves in Africa where they discover that the authorities have a prime suspect for …

Think Happy Club: Friendship by Anne Saucer & Grace Snoke

Think Happy Club: Friendship is filled with lessons about the meaning of friendship for children, and touching reminders of what friendship is for adults. Saucer and Snoke manage to convey the meaning of true friendship with straightforward and simple terms paired with cute and whimsical illustrations that kids can relate to. 

Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel

Solina Mundy, a baker from North Carolina, has never wandered far from her family's bakery whereas her twin brother, Mani, struck out on his own and traveled to Alaska where he found a job as an adventure guide. Despite the great distance between them, the bond between Solina and Mani was not diminished. Mani shared his adventures in the Alaskan wilderness with Solina and encouraged her to discover adventures on her own, but Solina was content to continue helping her parents with the family business.

Superhighway by Alex Fayman

Alex Fine, an 18-year old orphan has spent most of his life at the orphanage by choice. After being fostered out a couple of times and returned to the orphanage, he decided that he had enough and executed a plan to deter couples from choosing him so that he could remain with the only person that truly cared about him, Ms. Jenkins.

Odin's Shadow (Sons of Odin Book 1) by Erin S. Riley

Niall, an Irish widower and merchant who recently lost his wife during childbirth, discovered two children by the stream behind his house. Feeling unsettled by their appearance, he cautiously approaches the pair to discover that they are twins; a boy and a girl.

In The Victim's Shadow by Victoria Schwimley

Amber Winters was a kind and caring person. As a ballerina, she captivated audiences; however, when she became pregnant with Katherine, she left the world of ballet to raise her daughter and entered the world of modeling with Katherine in tow. One evening, after a modeling session with a five- year old Katherine, the two stopped by a convenience store on their way home for some ice cream. Caught up in a conversation with Katherine, Amber did not realize that the store was being robbed and collided with the robber as he was hurrying away from the store. The robber pulled a gun out and shot Amber in front of Katherine and fled the scene.

The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat by C.E. Allan

Joseph Collins, a successful and wealthy businessman, is informed that his wife, Adrianna, and his daughter, Tianna, are being held hostage by High Lord Daemonium. Joseph suspects that Daemonium took his family hostage because he uncovered an unauthorized project that one of his subsidiaries was working on. Expecting the worst, Joseph edits his last will and testament as his trusted employee, Dan Fuller, drives Joseph to meet with Daemonium at his chateau.

An Unexpected Bonding by Lilly Rayman

Vampires and wolves have been at odds for centuries; however, a faerie queen has foretold that the two races will form an alliance and enjoy peace with each other. The governing vampires decide to propose an alliance through marriage with the wolves, and plan to offer Darius or his twin sister, Isia, as potential mates to cement the alliance.

Artificial Absolutes by Mary Fan

Devin Colt seems to have it all; he is working his way up in the family business, Quasar Bank Corporation, and met the girl of his dreams, Sarah DeHaven, less than a year ago. However, underneath the veneer of accomplishment and ambition lies a rebellious nature, a criminal past, and connections with seedy citizens.