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Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone" by Tim Pearsall

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In Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone," Richard and Susan continue to pursue Evelina in Africa; however, both the hunters and the hunted find themselves facing unexpected dangers and adventures on their individual journeys.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After narrowly escaping from Richard and Susan, Evelina and her daughter, Cairo, head to Egypt to find Cairo's father. On their trip to Egypt, Evelina keeps a watchful eye on Cairo to see if her daughter has inherited her hunger. While it seems that Cairo has yet to inherit her mother's appetite, Evelina is unaware that Cairo has different abilities which will lead her along a dangerous path.
Will Evelina discover that Cairo has these abilities in time, or will Cairo be left to fend for herself on this treacherous path? 
Richard and Susan, using clues that Susan's deceased parents left for her, find themselves in Africa where they discover that the authorities have a prime suspect for the brutal murder of Susan's parents; crime boss and Juju practitioner, Boss Bellini.

Susan's focus turns from pursuing Evelina to tracking down Bellini to avenge the death of her parents. Despite the fact that pursuing Evelina has taken its toll on the couple and their relationship, Susan is desperate to seek revenge; with the help of an unwilling witch doctor, Anaya, Susan begins to dabble in a dangerous form of voodoo to battle Bellini on her terms.
Will the couple's relationship withstand these new dangers, or will Susan lose her body and soul in the war that she is waging with Bellini? 
book, eBook, book review, Evelina series, On My Kindle

I found Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone" a more enjoyable read than the first book in the series for a few reasons.

First, one of my complaints about Evelina "Love You to Death" was that I wanted to know more about Evelina's past. In Evelina 2, Pearsall gives readers even more insight on Evelina's past as the story's setting shifts from England to Africa.

Second, I mentioned in the review of the first book that the flashbacks to Evelina's past were connected to what Evelina was experiencing in the present. In Evelina 2, the connection between Evelina's past and present are not as obvious as they were in the first book; this added to the suspense in the book, and I found it hard to put the book down because I wanted to see how Pearsall was going to connect her past to her present.

Finally, I was surprised by the detour Richard and Susan took from pursuing Evelina, and found this twist mesmerizing.

If you liked reading Evelina: "Love You to Death" by Tim Pearsall, you will love Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone." Pearsall continues developing the characters from the first book while introducing new and surprising characters in this dark and intriguing sequel.

To find out more about Tim or Evelina, you can see excerpts of Evelina 2: "We All Die Alone" on Amazon, chat with him on Twitter, or check out the Facebook page that Tim created to promote the series.

Update 6/20/2019

Evelina 2 has since been edited, updated, and re-released as Raven 2.