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Superhighway by Alex Fayman

On My Kindle BR's review of Superhighway by Alex Fayman

Alex Fine, an 18-year old orphan has spent most of his life at the orphanage by choice. After being fostered out a couple of times and returned to the orphanage, he decided that he had enough and executed a plan to deter couples from choosing him so that he could remain with the only person that truly cared about him, Ms. Jenkins.

I received a copy of Superhighway in exchange for an honest review. 

Ms. Jenkins realized that Alex was a bright and intelligent boy; she did everything she could to teach him and encourage him to learn. At an early age, she encouraged Alex to keep up his grades so that he could apply for scholarships and attend college after graduating from high school. Ms. Jenkins' efforts paid off; after graduating, Alex was accepted into a college and preparing to move out to live in a college dormitory. This momentous occasion is marked by another event; the orphanage is finally able to build a computer lab. Since Alex is a responsible and mature young man, Ms. Jenkins allowed Alex to spend as much time as he wanted in the computer lab without supervision.

Alex is familiar with computers and the internet. During his brief time in one foster home, he was able to access the internet regularly and frequented the computer lab in the public library; however, having easy access to the internet is a new and exciting development for him. When Ms. Jenkins allows him to remain in the computer lab after closing it for the night, Alex continues to surf the net well after midnight. Realizing the time, Alex decides to re-visit a site to view a picture that he had found earlier before calling it a night; instead of going to the website, the monitor shuts down. Wondering what is going on, Alex checked the power cords and discovered no problems. Determined to find the source of the problem, Alex unplugs the network connection and finds himself traveling through a tunnel to an unknown destination.

Finding himself on a Hawaiian beach, it doesn't take Alex too long to figure out that he can physically transport himself to anywhere in the world via the internet. The beach that he was transported to is connected to a resort. After making some new friends in Hawaii, Alex narrowly escapes the resort's security force and finds himself in Amsterdam.

After spending the night in one of Amsterdam's homeless shelters, Alex realizes that he needs to figure out a way to fund his travels. Seeing an article about the head of Dutch crime syndicate, Alex decides to visit one of the crime boss's legitimate businesses while it is closed for some fast cash. Having successfully robbed the crime boss of some cash and a gold watch, Alex starts living it up in Amsterdam. He meets an attractive young woman, and takes her on a date. During the date, he is confronted by one of the crime boss's henchmen regarding the watch that he is wearing. Unaware of the danger, Alex continues to show his date a good time; however, the two are kidnapped and find themselves taken prisoner by the crime boss. Alex is questioned by the crime boss about how he obtained the watch. When Alex does not answer the questions, his date is brutally murdered in front of him.

Alex manages to escape and swears to avenge his girlfriend's death. Using his ability to retrieve information while he is traveling online, he wages a fiscal war on the crime boss; stealing billions of dollars and setting up a fund to help those in need. The question is; will Alex win this war, or will he find out that he is way over his head?

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When I first heard about Superhighway by Alex Fayman, I figured that it would be a virtual reality story; I did not realize that Fayman would take the term, "surfing the net," to a whole new level. Fayman took a fantastical concept and transformed it into a realistic story using an intelligent, down-to-earth protagonist.

In Superhighway, Fayman challenges readers to think about what they would do if they had access to virtually all the money in the world while artfully including nuggets of social commentary. Some of the social commentary was so subtle that I had to re-read some paragraphs to confirm that it was social commentary, but I found myself paying closer attention to the story so that I could catch these gems.

In short, Superhighway by Alex Fayman is a brilliantly executed, fast-paced ride that is difficult to put down once you start!


As of May 22, 2019, Superhighway is not available from retailers and the author's Twitter account is inactive.