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Think Happy Club: Friendship by Anne Saucer & Grace Snoke

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Think Happy Club: Friendship is filled with lessons about the meaning of friendship for children, and touching reminders of what friendship is for adults. Saucer and Snoke manage to convey the meaning of true friendship with straightforward and simple terms paired with cute and whimsical illustrations that kids can relate to. 

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

There are a few details in Think Happy Club: Friendship that I really enjoyed: first, the book is handwritten. This not only gives the book a personal touch, but it also provokes a sense of timelessness. Second, I enjoyed the story behind the book. Not only do readers find out at how Saucer's and Snoke's collaboration began, but we also learn thatThink Happy Club: Friendship was written on a tablet. Third, I liked how the illustrations supported what was being said in a fun and playful manner.

eBook, book, book review, Anne Saucer, Grace Snoke, Think Happy Club, Children, On My KindleIt's really tough to give an age range for Think Happy Club: Friendship because I think that the lessons in the book are appropriate for kids of all ages. As I was reading the book, I remembered when I was working for a daycare in the babies/toddlers room. I used to read books like these to the children all the time, and was delighted when the little ones would try to mimic the illustrations in those books. If I had a copy of this book back then, I would have definitely read it to my little ones because the lessons in Think Happy Club: Friendship are lessons that should be learned early on in life.

I have only one piece of advice to share with Saucer and Snoke: when you get the opportunity to print this series in hardcover, take it! Remember those "Little Golden Books" that were really popular back in the day? I can easily see the Think Happy Club series becoming a part of a collection like the "Little Golden Books;" they are that timeless!

Think Happy Club: Friendship by Anne Saucer and Grace Snoke is as inspirational as Chicken Soup for the Soul and as touching as Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. It is a charming, beautiful, and timeless book that will surely end up being a classic for both children and adults.

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