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Framed and Burning: Dreamslippers Series Book 2 by Lisa Brunette

What begins as a much-needed break in Florida for Cat and Granny Grace ends up becoming a mystery that the two private investigators find themselves embroiled in as Granny Grace's brother Mick, becomes the prime suspect in a case of arson and murder.

Fated Volition: The Sapphire Star Saga by A.L. Meinhold

The council of elders convenes to discuss a terrible prophecy that foretells a war between twin princes; a war that will bring death and destruction to the citizens of Watreon if the evil twin prevails. Since the prophecy is unclear about which twin represents good and which twin is the harbinger of evil, the council is considering killing both twins to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Into the Trenches by Andrea Barringer

Annelyse, a young woman in her early 20's, is your typical young woman; she has a boyfriend, attends college, and is pretty close to her family. Despite the fact that her family are devout Christians, she is struggling with her faith. When she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she impulsively decides to join the Army.

Life into Mist by Haidji

Haidji introduces readers to the place where souls dwell before they are born on earth, and where dreams come from; a place that she calls "the mist."

Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji

Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji is a stand-alone short story about a fairy and an elf that are inseparable soul mates.

The Lady of the Sea by Branka Valcic

On the island of Skolj there is a story about the Lady of the Sea; a story that is filled with tragedy and unrequited love. It is believed that when the Lady's descendants accept her gifts, they are cursed to follow the Lady's path.

Lot's Mountain by N.R. Allen

Dylan Caid has not had what you'd call an easy life. His brother, Bill, was brutally murdered; his biological parents abused him; his foster parents act a little strange when it comes to dealing with him; and he has this "gift" that has given him nothing but trouble. Dylan Caid's life is about to become even more complicated...