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Fated Volition: The Sapphire Star Saga by A.L. Meinhold

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The council of elders convenes to discuss a terrible prophecy that foretells a war between twin princes; a war that will bring death and destruction to the citizens of Watreon if the evil twin prevails. Since the prophecy is unclear about which twin represents good and which twin is the harbinger of evil, the council is considering killing both twins to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Before the council reaches a decision, Ava, a powerful sorceress, approaches the council with five women in tow. Ava tells the council that the prophetess who foretold the war, Samhelia, recalled a prophecy that her mother had. Samhelia's mother foretold that five daughters would be born when a sapphire star fell from the sky, and that those five daughters could defeat the evil that threatened Watreon.

Ava and Samhelia believe that these five women will give birth to five daughters with elemental powers, and that these five daughters who will fulfill this older prophecy. The council decides to trust in the older prophecy, and allow the fate of Watreon to rest in the hands of five daughters that will be separated and hidden until the time comes for them to seek out Ava and their destinies.

Sixteen years later, each of the daughters comes out of hiding to begin a journey to meet each other and their destinies; their lives and the lives of the inhabitants of Watreon rests in each other's hands. Out of the five daughters, Rhyan was the only one that was unaware of her destiny and the elemental power inside of her. Having been told of her destiny and the journey ahead, Rhyan struggles to learn how to control the fire within her. She does not feel the bond that the other four young women share.

Can Rhyan learn to wield her power to aid the other four, or will she leave them and the people of Watreon to suffer at the hands of evil?

book review, eBook, fiction, adventure, fantasy, LGBT, free, On My Kindle

I enjoyed that the first chapter of Fated Volition was dedicated to discussing the history of the story. I think that it established that there would be a bond between the five daughters, even though they were separated, and I think the history is too complex to be successfully integrated into the story in a way that readers could understand it all. I think that Meinhold did an excellent job of describing the thoughts and emotions of the protagonists; it really helped me to understand their motivations. I also liked how Meinhold gave enough details about the world that the story is set in while leaving some of the finer details to the readers' imaginations.

There was only one aspect of the book that I was disappointed in; the book focused on Rhyan's history and glossed over the other daughters' histories. I would have liked to have learned more about the other daughters; however, this is the first book in the saga. Maybe the next books in the saga will reveal more about the other daughters.

Overall, Fated Volition by A.L. Meinhold is a great fantasy/adventure epic without the really slow points that some epic fantasy readers come to expect. I enjoyed the complexity of the characters and the story, and the relationships between the characters really make this book stand out when compared to other fantasy epics. I also liked the fact that most of the story's protagonists are females; the departure from the traditional "heroes saving the princess" to "heroines saving the prince" was not lost on me.
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