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Into the Trenches by Andrea Barringer

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Annelyse, a young woman in her early 20's, is your typical young woman; she has a boyfriend, attends college, and is pretty close to her family. Despite the fact that her family are devout Christians, she is struggling with her faith. When she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she impulsively decides to join the Army.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

After basic and MOS (Military Occupation Specialist) training, Annelyse is transferred to the Walter Reed Medical Center and begins to settle into a life that she is contented with. During her time at Walter Reed, Annelyse meets Luke; they start dating and they fall in love with each other. With Luke's encouragement, Analyse begins to reconnect with her faith, not realizing that her faith will be tested again when the couple faces tragedy and destruction during their deployment in Iraq.

Into the Trenches by Andrea Barringer uses Annelyse's story to address several issues that contemporary Christians and soldiers struggle with in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner. This non-judgmental attitude makes it easy to relate to Annelyse, and it makes Annelyse's responses to the situations that she finds herself in even more realistic.

book, eBook, book review, fiction, Christian, religious, inspirational, war, On My Kindle
What also makes Annelyse even more believable is the fact that Annelyse questioned her faith in the face of tragedy and destruction. I do not know many people who would not question their faith when dealing with the tragedy that Annelyse does in the book, and I really felt that Barringer was open and honest about this.

I really enjoyed reading Into the Trenches:

First, it is clear that Barringer did her homework when writing about the situations that the characters find themselves in over in Iraq. I asked my husband, a vet, about several of the situations that Annelyse encountered in basic training and Iraq; this prompted him to tell me some stories that supported Barringer's perspective.

Second, Barringer's language and tone in this book is very conversational, and the pace of the story is steady. Into the Trenches was a bit hard to put down once I started reading because I found it compelling.

Third, I appreciate how Barringer portrays Annelyse's struggle with PTSD; it is realistic, and I am grateful that Barringer did not imply that the only treatment for PTSD is faith. Finally, the combination of realism and a conversational tone made Into the Trenches touching and even heartbreaking at times.

Into the Trenches is a compelling and touching story that offers Christian values with faith-based solutions using contemporary language and a conversational tone. If you are looking for a "clean" book to add to your teen's library, you really need to give Into the Trenches by Andrea Barringer a try!

To find out more about Into the Trenches, you can download a sample and buy the eBook from Google Play or Amazon. You can also see what other readers are saying about the book by checking out Andrea's account on Goodreads.

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