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Life into Mist by Haidji

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Haidji introduces readers to the place where souls dwell before they are born on earth, and where dreams come from; a place that she calls "the mist."

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

The mist is a bittersweet place; young souls frolic and play amongst the stars and the sands of time, but with that joy comes the sorrow and pain that comes with realization and separation. While these young souls are together in the mist, they are generally self-involved and do not share meaningful interactions. However, two young souls form a bond; they frolic and develop together until one soul is ready to be born on earth.

One soul makes the transition to earth easily with little sorrow, but the other soul's journey is longer; she must continue to follow the path that she is meant to take alone. This path that she must continue on leads her to places full of torment and pain within the mist. While he is born on earth with no memory of her, she feels the separation from him keenly and endures the path that she is on for a chance to join him.

Life into Mist by Haidji, like her other works, is filled with delightful imagery and metaphors. I liked that there are enough breaks between verses to allow a reader time to reflect upon the metaphors without feeling overwhelmed. This writing style in makes Life into Mist a perfect fit for a group of people to read together as it allows readers to take time to discuss the imagery and metaphors within.

I also enjoyed the parallels between life in the mist and life on earth. Life is a bittersweet journey; there is pain, happiness, sorrow, separation, and love. I can see myself sitting in a coffee shop with a group of friends and discussing the philosophical and practical implications of the story.

Once again, I am amazed by Haidji's ability to create a vivid landscape and vibrant characters with words. At first glance it may seem that Life into Mist is a flight of fancy; however, if readers take the time to reflect upon the story, they may find that their perceptions of the world around them are altered.
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