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Lot's Mountain by N.R. Allen

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Dylan Caid has not had what you'd call an easy life. His brother, Bill, was brutally murdered; his biological parents abused him; his foster parents act a little strange when it comes to dealing with him; and he has this "gift" that has given him nothing but trouble. Dylan Caid's life is about to become even more complicated...

I have received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

On his way home from 210 Carver Street, the house where Bill was killed, Dylan is confronted by a crazed man that wants to kill him in order to keep him from Stone and Glass. Having no clue what this man is talking about, Dylan tries to play it cool and finds himself in a situation that he won't get out of alive. Just when Dylan thinks that he's done for, he is rescued by creatures with red eyes that tear the crazed man from limb-to-limb; then they turn on him. The creatures hesitate before attacking him, and say that Stone would not like it if he was harmed.

Dylan returns home relatively unscathed, and soon discovers that these events are merely a prelude to a war brewing between two factions of supernatural beings, Stone and Glass, that want to use his abilities in a war that will affect not only magical and supernatural beings, but also any humans that are caught in the cross-fire.

Stone wants to eliminate all "monsters," non-human creatures with magical abilities; however, Glass does not want to eliminate monsters. Both sides have their own motives and reasons for wanting to eliminate the other side; however, do the means justify the ends? Dylan must make a choice, and deal with the consequences of his decision.

Lot's Mountain by N.R. Allen is a very complex story. Allen blends magical and supernatural creatures from a variety of mythologies and each of these creatures have their own histories that are referred to throughout the story.

Another element in the story is Dylan's past; Dylan's past not only makes it easy for readers to relate to him, but it also plays a critical part in the story.

Finally, it seems that Dylan must choose a side, but it doesn't take readers long to realize that there are serious repercussions regardless of which side Dylan chooses. Just when readers start to think that one faction is better than another, Allen adds a twist by revealing more about the factions.

These three elements merely scratch the surface of the story because there are a lot of twists, turns, and surprises. Just when you think that you have it figured out; Allen throws in another twist that leaves you wondering how everything is going to turn out.

Another aspect of Allen's writing that deserves recognition is her ability to convey details, emotions, and back stories without dedicating entire chapters to these elements, or being too terse. There is enough detail in Allen's writing to allow readers to relate to the characters, even the "bad guys," without bogging down the story line.

book review, book, eBook, fantasy, paranormal, urban, young adult, N.R. Allen, Lot's Mountain, On My KindleDespite its length, I found Lot's Mountain to be an enjoyable and surprising read. While it may be too complex and lengthy for the younger end of the "Young Adult" audience, older young adults and adults that enjoy urban fantasy books will certainly find that they are mesmerized by this story and will not be able to put it down.

If you love urban fantasy, this is one of those books that is screaming to be added to your library!

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