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The Lady of the Sea by Branka Valcic

On the island of Skolj there is a story about the Lady of the Sea; a story that is filled with tragedy and unrequited love. It is believed that when the Lady's descendants accept her gifts, they are cursed to follow the Lady's path.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

For as long as she can remember, Mareta has felt connected to the sea. This connection has given her calm seas to navigate in, has provided her and her family with food, and provides Mareta with objects for her collages. The sea seems to mirror Mareta's moods; when she is upset, clouds and storms roll over the island. When Mareta is calm, the sun reappears and the rain is gentle.

Mareta's father and grandmother warned Mareta against accepting offerings from the sea, saying that accepting these gifts would bind Mareta's destiny to the Lady's. Mareta believes in the Lady's existence, but she does not think that the "Lady's curse" is really a curse. Mareta believes that the curse is a plea to tell the story the way it was meant to be told; the way that the story might have ended if the Lady's love had not ended in tragedy.

In a desperate attempt to dissuade Mareta from what is perceived as a path of tragedy and heartbreak, her family sends her to the city on the mainland to pursue a different destiny. On the mainland, Mareta misses her connection with the sea; it seems that almost everyone she encounters and everything she does seems to encourage her to find her way back to the sea. However, during her periodic visits to the island, Mareta notices that her connection with the sea is waning; it's as if the Lady is demonstrating how upset she is at Mareta for abandoning her and her story.

Does the Lady actually exist, or have the Lady's supposed descendants subconsciously chosen paths of tragedy by believing in the story? Will Mareta stay on the mainland and pursue a different destiny, or will she try to reconnect with the sea? If she decides to return to Skolj; will the Lady accept her once again?

In The Lady of the Sea, Branka Valcic weaves the well-developed legend of the Lady of the Sea into Mareta's life to create a beautiful tapestry for readers to enjoy. Like the sea, the story ebbs and flows naturally to encourage readers to explore its depths. The story has romantic elements that are reminiscent of the romance that one might find in classic literature; sometimes tragic and unrequited, but also newly discovered and being explored.

The Lady of the Sea reads like classic literature with a contemporary tone and language. If you enjoy reading classic literature, or books in which reality mirrors legend; you will enjoy The Lady of the Sea by Branka Valcic.

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