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Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook

When Earl gets tired of sharing his heroine with his girlfriend, he spikes her share with some black mold to get her off his back. The trip that she has is one that he will never be able to forget; his girlfriend becomes patient zero for the infection that starts the zombie apocalypse.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As Earl becomes more desperate to feed his addiction with a dwindling supply of illicit drugs, a family begins to realize the extent of the illness that is spreading and makes preparations to be self-sufficient in order to survive the apocalypse. The two paths converge, and both Earl and the family find themselves in a desperate fight for survival.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Everyone Dies at the End. I expected the story to follow a predictable course:

People become infected with some sort of incurable virus, bacteria, or fungus and turn into zombies.
The zombies then feed on people, turning those people into zombies.
A panicked and hysterical group of people eventually join with a militant and structured group.
Some of the people from the hysterical group commit suicide, or are killed by the militant people in the group that become annoyed by the people from the hysterical group.
The militant and structured group end up surviving the longest because they have the biggest stockpile of weapons, and have been trained to survive the zombie apocalypse since they were weaned.

It didn't take me long to figure out that this was not the direction that the story was going in, and I was really impressed how realistic and average the characters in the book were. A couple of the family members had prepared for a disaster, but did not turn their home into some sort of compound in which the surviving members of the human race would dwell. All in all, the characters proved to be part of an average family with their fair share of drama, and as a family worked together to execute a plan to remain self-sufficient until the zombie apocalypse ended.

While the title of this novella, Everyone Dies at the End, may fool prospective readers into thinking that the conclusion of the book is predictable, it is anything but. I think that readers will be surprised by the unexpected twist at the end, and this twist really sets Everyone Dies at the End apart from the other zombie apocalypse stories that are available to readers.

If you enjoy reading books in the zombie apocalypse sub-genre, Everyone Dies at the End is a unique, quick read that will definitely leave you wanting to read more by the terrific duo of Riley Amos and Sara Lynn Westbrook.

To find out more about Everyone Dies at the End and its fantastic authors, check out Riley's blog. His blog not only lets you know where you can find excerpts of this wonderful novella, but he also posts interviews and book reviews for other fantastic indie authors.

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You can find out even more about the novella and its authors on Goodreads where Riley answers questions about the inspiration for the book, and shares his reasons for taking the "True Review Pledge," a pledge that shows his integrity and commitment to his art by refusing to pay reviewers to review his books.


As of May 22, 2019, this book isn't currently available at retailers.