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Confronting Truths (Jessica Crawford #2) by Victoria Schwimley

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Coveting Love's three leading ladies: Jessica, Amy, and Sara are leading happy lives with their new found loves until each of them are forced by circumstance to confront the men from their pasts.

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After miscarrying the child that was conceived when Jeffrey raped her, Jessica and Brandon have two beautiful children; a four-year-old girl, Nina and a six-month-old, Connor. Jessica is content to spend her days raising her children while working at home as a freelance photographer, but her life is shattered when Connor is kidnapped by someone she thought was out of her life forever; Phillip Stewart.

Amy and Randy are still very much in love; the couple have two sons, and Randy is raising Amy's daughter, April, as his own. However, when April is persistently ill, the couple discover that she has leukemia. In order to save April, Amy must go to New York to tell her former lover, Bob, that he has kept the fact that he has a daughter a secret from him. Amy hopes that Bob will consider her plea to save their daughter's life, and then disappear from their lives for good.

Victoria Schwimley, Confronting Truths, Jessica Crawford series, Fiction, drama, eBook, book, book review, indie authors, On My KindleSara and Grant act as parents to the pair of couples gladly do whatever they can to support both couples during their hardships, but they have problems of their own. Sara took an interest in one of the girls, Angela, at the children's group home that she volunteers at. When she finds out that Angela is too old for the group home, Sara decides to save Angela from the foster system and offers to adopt Angela. It quickly becomes apparent to Sara that Angela's troubled past and emotional issues are going to make her more of a handful than Jessica was as a teenager.

To make matters worse, Jessica's father, Martin Crawford, comes back into Sara's and Jessica's lives as a successful private investigator who is offering to help the FBI find Connor. Can the three of them come to terms with what happened in the past, or will mother and daughter send the one man that has the connections to find Connor packing?

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In Confronting Truths, the men play supporting roles as the women support each other and work together to confront their pasts. My chief criticism for Coveting Love was that I did not relate to Jessica, and I thought that her character was indecisive and sometimes immature. However, in Confronting Truths, Jessica is anything but indecisive; she takes charge of the situation, and makes some really intelligent and mature decisions. I am thrilled to see that all three leading ladies' characters were more developed, and the plot focused less on the men saving the day and more on the women taking charge.

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Schwimley did an excellent job at developing the characters of the the three leading ladies, and effortlessly brought their divergent paths together. The relationship problems that the couples faced while dealing with the events were realistic, and really helped to develop the protagonists. Finally, I was impressed with Schwimley's ability to develop the men's characters in the story as she wove three unique plot lines together to create an interesting story.

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If you enjoyed Coveting Love, you are going to go crazy over Confronting Truths! If you are not familiar with the series, I would definitely recommend it to readers that enjoy contemporary romance with realistic characters and a suspenseful, captivating plot.

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