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From the Dominion of the Vile: Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall

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After the Long World war, Earth and its inhabitants suffered; crops withered, rivers were polluted, and anarchy and godlessness reigned. In this chaos, the Vatican saw an opportunity; drawing on the wealth it had acquired over the centuries, the Vatican offered to provide for the people. In return for its charity, the Vatican demanded only one price; devotion to a new faith, Cathism. Starving and desperate, the people of Europe agreed to the Vatican's demands and watched as the Vatican coveted what technology remained, re-wrote history, and plunged Europe into a second dark age.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Not everyone was won over by the Vatican's promises; some people maintained their belief in the Lore, an ancient belief system that honored the Earth and her inhabitants. As the clerics became more greedy and corrupt, darkness and despair spread throughout the country; more people began to question the Vatican's morals and integrity, and many started looking to the Lore for a glimmer of hope. The Lore provided this hope in the form of a prophecy that foretold the birth of a warrior who would lead the people to victory in a war against Cathism and the Vatican. However, the believers in the Lore were not the only ones aware of this prophecy; the Vatican knew of this prophecy, and sent its own warriors to hunt this leader and his followers before the war could even begin.

The Vatican failed; a champion of the Lore was born. Stolen away by a family friend when Cathists raided his family's home, Anvil Creede was raised by a couple who knew his secret and did their best to safeguard the Lore's champion; waiting for the day when Anvil could realize his destiny, and lead the people to war against the Vatican. This is the story of Anvil Creede's origins, his adventures, and the trials he must face to become the Lore's champion.

After reading the blurb, which gives readers an accurate glimpse of the story, I started reading the book and was immediately drawn into the story as it provides readers with a bit of action and hints of Anvil's origins. The pace of the book is steady, it is packed with plenty of action, and the characters are developed as the story progresses; all of which make Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior a compelling read that is difficult to put down.

There are several elements in Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior that really make the book shine in my opinion:

I think the authors did a great job with the story's setting; the similarities between the dark age in the book and our Dark Ages helped me to become immersed in the book, but the authors included their own interpretations which made the setting original and interesting.

I was delighted when the story went into more detail about the Lore. I recognized elements from several earth-based beliefs and was impressed by how the authors created a cohesive belief system that was inspired from several separate belief systems.

I thought the intrigue in the story was written very well; everyone seems to be working an angle, and I enjoyed trying to figure out which angles any given character was working at the time.

Writing Style and Tone
The writing style and tone reminded me of the Arthurian novels I used to read when I was younger, but with a modern twist.

Social Commentary
If you follow On My Kindle, then you know that I am a sucker for social commentary. While Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior is fictitious, it is a reminder of why we came up with the idea to separate church and state. Historically, combining the two has created conflict and suffering; a point that the book makes very clear.
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Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall is a beautifully crafted story that has all of the elements of a great fantasy novel: a well-created setting, developed and interesting characters, and plenty of action and adventure. I definitely recommend this book for fantasy readers that enjoy Arthurian novels, or readers that just enjoy action-adventure novels set in the Middle Ages.

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