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Blue Moon Rising: The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 2 by Zara Steen

The Mercrutian Chronicles, YA, fiction, paranormal, fantasy, Zara Steen

In the second installment of the Mercrutian Chronicles, Anya returns to Seabright after spending a summer with the Science Mers. During her time with the Science Mers, she learned more about how the Mers' enemy, the Depths, and how to control her empathic and water abilities. Her happiness to return to Seabright is short lived when she discovers that her betrothed, Merrick, is acting the same; he is still aloof and dating Gina.

I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

As Anya is trying to figure out why Merrick keeps pushing her away, Merrick's brother, Zale, attempts to persuade Anya to join the Sealatia. Anya has a bad feeling about joining this group of Mer warriors, but her empathic ability does not allow her to understand the reasons why she gets bad vibes from them. Anya does not know why Zale is pushing her to join the Sealatia, but she soon discovers that Zale's premonitions are the reason why Merrick is reluctant to reveal his true feelings towards her.

In Blue Moon Rising: The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 2 by Zara Steen, readers will find out more about why Zale is reluctant to allow the bond between Anya and Merrick to develop. We also discover that a war between the Mers and the Depths is imminent when the story takes a turn for the worse and the Depths start attacking the Mers of Seabright.

I was impressed by Steen's writing in Heart of Shell, and continue to be impressed by her work in Blue Moon Rising. It was great to see how Anya matured after spending the summer with the Science Mers, and I enjoyed how self-assured she was; even when she dealt with Merrick. I liked that Steen's characters were not prone to the overdramatic gestures of love, or epic fits of melancholy that one sees in some popular YA fiction. Finally, I enjoyed the pace of the book; Steen kept developing the protagonists while moving the story forward.

Blue Moon Rising by Zara Steen is a page-turner. I enjoyed the book from beginning to end, and I am glad that she did not keep me hanging about why Merrick was so aloof towards Anya. I am anxious to see what Steen has in store for Anya, Merrick, and the rest of the Mers in her next book!

If you, or your teenager, are looking for a good YA fantasy series to get into; pick up the first two books in The Mercrutian Chronicles. You will not be disappointed.

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