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One Second of Loneliness by Timothy French

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Over twenty years ago Ashton made a choice to defy destiny and her predetermined fate; altering the fabric of time. Since then, Ashton has been running from destiny and fate while desperately trying to prevent a terrorist attack that will affect thousands of lives and an entire country.

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Ashton's decision to defy fate and destiny has consequences that, like a drop in a pond, created ripples that affect many lives:

On the eve of a hurricane, Laura is given a glimpse of her father's predetermined fate. Her father, Hal, is a renowned surf board maker who only surfs when the waves are at their highest; during a storm. Laura's one second of loneliness gives her a glimpse into the future and the opportunity to save her father's life.

Nathan's one second of loneliness shows him how he is going to die. Rather than altering his plans for the day, Nathan chooses to dismiss it as a dream and discovers too late that he missed an opportunity to change his fate.

A Mexican fisherman and his fleet of boats leave Mexican waters in search of a more profitable catch. When he discovers plane wreckage from the terrorist attack, he finds one survivor; an American woman who will make hiding his profits from corrupt Mexican officials difficult.

These are just a few of the examples of the lives that Ashton's decision and actions has touched. As the story continues, readers begin to understand how Ashton's decision to defy fate and destiny affects thousands of lives.

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One Second of Loneliness by Timothy French is an interesting and philosophical read. French demonstrates how one person's decisions can affect many people; even people outside of that one person's social/family circle. Even though I do not agree with the concepts of fate and destiny, I appreciated how French was able to make these concepts seem like tangible characters in the story without making the story seem unrealistic. Finally, I enjoyed the imagery in French's writing; it helped me to connect with the characters on an emotional level and made it easy for me to imagine the different settings in the book.

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While I was really impressed with the poetic prose that the story is liberally sprinkled with, I became impatient about halfway through the book to learn how the characters that were introduced were connected to each other. There was a lot of discussion about the terrorist attack and the investigation of the attack in the middle of the book, new characters were introduced, and I started seeing how Ashton and another character were connected; however, many of the connections were not revealed until almost the end of the book. I found it frustrating to have to wait so long for these revelations to be made when it was apparent from the beginning of the book that these characters were somehow connected to each other. This could be a quirk on my part, and should not discourage readers who enjoy reading books that make them think about their lives and what their lives mean.

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Despite my frustration, I found One Second of Loneliness by Timothy French beautifully insightful and philosophical; it is one of those books that makes you think about its implications well after you put it down. I will re-read this book to catch any nuances that I may have missed during the first reading, and look forward to seeing more from Timothy French.

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Timothy French, author of One Second of Loneliness; reviewed by On My Kindle
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