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Superstition Canyon by P.S. Winn

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Superstition Canyon is a sacred place to the Native American tribes in the area; however, only a few members know all of its secrets. Most of the canyon is fenced off to prevent outsiders from disturbing the land, but sometimes arrowheads and other artifacts are washed down to the part of the canyon that outsiders can visit.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Parker takes Tristan on a hike, he decides to take her up a little ways to Superstition Canyon to look for arrowheads. After finding a couple of arrowheads, Parker and Tristan decide to call it a day and head back home. On their way back down the canyon, Parker stumbles upon an odd purple crystal that seems to pulse from within. Thinking that it is a healing crystal that is used by the tribes in the area, Parker puts it in his pack and takes it home with him.

A few days later, Parker begins to act strangely; Tristan shares the story of how and where Parker found the crystal, and asks Jay for help. Realizing that the crystal came from Superstition Canyon, Jay talks to his grandfather who knows the legends of Superstition Canyon and learns that canyon is fenced off not only to protect it from outsiders, but to protect outsiders from the secrets that lie within.

Superstition Canyon by P.S. Winn is a quick read; however, do not make the mistake of assuming that it is an abrupt story with shallow characters. Winn has a gift for creating a backstory and developing realistic characters while moving forward with the story. I enjoyed how Winn constructed a realistic Native American legend in an imagery-rich setting to produce a gorgeous contemporary adventure novel.

P.S. Winn, author
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If you enjoy adventures built around Native American lore, then I definitely recommend that you read Superstition Canyon by P.S. Winn. It is an easy read that will draw you in, and leave you wanting to read more by this very talented author!

To grab a copy of Superstition Canyon and see more of her work, head on over to P.S. Winn's author page on Amazon. She is also very active on Facebook where she shares updates and fun gifs with her friends and fans. You will also find her on Goodreads where she posts book reviews for her fellow authors, and you can give her a shout-out on Twitter (she's really good about responding to shout-outs).