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Lacy's End by Victoria Schwimley

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Lacy and her mother, Brenda, have suffered abuse from at the hands of Sheriff Peter Waldrip; a man who has influential members of the community in his pocket, and has intimidated members of the community that have tried to intervene in the past.

Lacy and Brenda have resigned themselves to the fact that nobody can help them, and try to cope with the domestic violence at home to the best of their abilities. When Peter takes the abuse too far, Lacy and Brenda find themselves in the emergency room with Dr. Petoro, a man who refuses to be intimidated by the Sheriff. Dr. Petoro enlists the help of a social worker, and the two of them help Lacy and Brenda realize that there is hope.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Lacy's End by Victoria Schwimley addresses the issue of domestic violence in a realistic, no-holds-barred story in which readers get a glimpse of life in an abusive household from several different perspective; the victims, the healthcare professionals, social workers, teachers, and members of the community. 

Schwimley does an excellent job of conveying the different emotions that the characters in each group feel about Lacy and Brenda being subjected to abuse. I felt that all of the characters' thoughts and actions rang true, and was impressed with Schwimley's ability to weave those thoughts and actions together to create a cohesive and compelling story from different points of view.

I liked the fact that there was not any victim shaming or blaming, explicit or implicit, and I related to Lacy's thoughts about how some people's attempts to help her were ineffective. Lacy's End does an excellent job of showing the flaws in the system, especially when the abuser is in a position of authority within the community. 

I think the only aspect of the story that seemed a bit unrealistic to me was the ending; the story ends on a good note; however, the fact that it does end on a good note makes the story a bit more inspirational, and encourage people to want to learn more about helping victims of domestic abuse. 

As much as I enjoyed this book, I am going to include a trigger warning
The instances of domestic abuse are not explicit or graphic, but they are detailed. Some of the characters' external and internal dialogues ring very true, and could trigger bad memories for readers who have been abused.
Lacy's End by Victoria Schwimley is a convincing, brilliantly written, and hopeful story that kept me entranced until the very end.
Victoria Schwimley, author, On My Kindle
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