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Long and Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager by Lawrence Creatura

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


"Running money is a learned skill, and Long and Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager provides the lessons that will help you become a more capable investor.

Unsparingly honest, Long and Short reveals how the asset management industry really works, offers specific prescriptions for improving your investment results, and allows you to determine if you have what it takes to try and win in today’s market.

If you are a newer investor, it will answer some of the essential questions: What is important? What should I study? Who should I listen to? How does this whole stock market thing work anyway?

If you are a more seasoned professional looking for ways to bring your game to the next level, Long and Short resembles a Ph.D. course in investment management. It delivers ways to think more deeply about your investing, diagnose your errors, and understand the sources of your performance."

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Long and Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager by Lawrence Creatura is not a book that tells you exactly what to invest in. Instead, Creatura offers advice to people who are thinking about self-managing their portfolios; contemplating investing as a career; or investment professionals who want to step up their game. While it may seem almost impossible to appeal to such a wide audience, Creatura manages to achieve this by using easy to understand anecdotes, famous quotes, examples of well-known companies, and simple charts and illustrations to drive his main points home.

What really impressed me about Long and Short was how Creatura set realistic expectations in the book; making it clear that portfolio self-management is not for everybody and that investing is not a "get rich quick" scheme. If analysis and research is not something that readers are interested in, Creatura advises finding a portfolio manager and offers advice on the traits that readers should seek in a portfolio manager.

I am going to be honest, I knew within a few pages of the first chapter that I was not interested in portfolio self-management. I am not a numbers person; I do not enjoy creating spreadsheets full of statistical data and analyzing that data by generating numerous reports. However, I was impressed by Creatura's ability to explain the ins and outs of investing clearly and honestly.

Whether you are just thinking about investing, wondering how to diversify your existing portfolio, or even considering a career in investment management; Long and Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager will give you the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision in a clear and entertaining book.
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