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Oath Breaker (Sons of Odin Book 3) by Erin S. Riley

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


In A Flame Put Out (Sons of Odin Book 2), Alric cut Selia's hair and put a slave collar on her to prevent her from leaving him. Ulfrick, Alric's brother, has loved Selia from afar; he knows what his brother is capable of, and provides her with the means to escape.
historical romance, Viking, book review, On My Kindle

In this final installment of the Sons of Odin Series, Selia successfully flees Norway, but she is conflicted; there is a part of her that still loves Alric, but she also has feelings for Ulfrick. As she learns more about Ulfrick, her feelings for Alric fade and she begins to build a new life for herself; however she fears that Alric will not rest until he has reclaimed her.

Can Selia begin a new life for herself and her sons, or will Alric find her and drag her back to Norway? Will Ulrick's love for Selia remain unrequited, or will his patience be rewarded?


I was impressed by the first two books in the Sons of Odin Series, and this book did not disappoint! After the events that took place In A Flame Put Out, I was anxious to see what would happen to Selia next, and I have to say that Riley did a fantastic job of creating an immersive and realistic setting with fascinating characters. I became so involved in the dynamics between the characters that I read the book in less than a day. 

Oath Breaker is more hopeful than the first two as Selia is rediscovering herself and not living in fear under Alric's shadow. Readers see firsthand that the life she led with Alric made her more mature without making her bitter. I was also pleased to see that Selia's inner conflict extended beyond her feelings for Ulfrick to include questioning her faith, and worrying about her sons' upbringing. Selia was already a well-developed character in my eyes, but this level of development made me feel more emotionally invested in Selia's story.
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If you are looking for an easy to read historical romance series with a compelling plot, immersive setting, and complex characters; you will love all three books in the Sons of Odin Series. If you have already read the first two books, rest assured that you will not be disappointed by Oath Breaker.

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