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At Hidden Lake by P.S. Winn

P.S. Winn, At Hidden Lake, book review, On My Kindle

Genre: Fiction, Conspiracy  Format: eBook  Publication Date: 11/1/2015 
Source: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


Three friends head up to Hidden Lake to enjoy a relaxing weekend in a secluded location. When Seth decides to tell Andrea and Melanie about the folk legends of Hidden Lake, Andrea and Melanie are curious to uncover the area's mysteries. 

On what should have been a relaxing hike to a cave, the trio find themselves facing the business end of a rifle. The man holding the rifle tells them that the area is restricted and forces them to turn back. Seth feels that something is not right about the situation; he decides to investigate, and Andrea and Melanie decide to help him. 

What they discover in the cave is an even bigger conspiracy than what they were expecting, and the trio come to realize that what they have seen will put all of their lives at risk.

P.S. Winn, At Hidden Lake, conspiracy theory, book review, On My Kindle


I have reviewed books written by P.S. Winn before, and I enjoyed them. I was sure that At Hidden Lake would be no exception, and I was right. 

I do not normally enjoy conspiracy theory books because the plot gets so convoluted and I am unable to keep track of all of the threads in the story. However, I did enjoy At Hidden Lake because Winn kept the plot simple. I had no trouble keeping track of who everybody was, the parts that they played in the conspiracy, and the parts that the protagonists played in foiling the conspiracy. 

I enjoy Winn's style of writing; she is like a sketch artist who draws outlines of the characters and setting, and allows readers to "fill in" the sketch. Winn provides readers with enough of the characters' history to make them real, but allows enough room for our imaginations to make the characters who we want them to be. 

Like most of what I have read by Winn, At Hidden Lake is perfect for busy people; short enough to enjoy if you want to sit down for a bit and read a book straight through, but long enough to keep you occupied if you have to read it in spurts while waiting in the doctor's office, laundromat, or anyplace that you might have to put it down for a bit while attending to business. It is suspenseful enough to make you want to keep reading, but you do not have to be so immersed that you find it frustrating if you have to put it down. 
With just 145 pages, Winn manages to transport readers to a secluded place called Hidden Lake where some things are not as they seem, and an unexpected twist is only a few pages away.

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