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Demon Princess (Demon Kingdom Fairytales #1) by Kassandra Lynn

Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn, On My Kindle post title image, book review

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy    Format: eBook    Publication Date: 12/22/15
Source: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


With her father gone and her brother missing, Adriana is next in line for the throne. During her coronation, something goes wrong; she is transported away from her loyal guards and finds herself amongst the demon kingdom's enemies, humans. It does not take her long to discover how she got there; a mage-in-training managed to summon her and now has complete control over her. Fortunately, the magi are unaware of the fact that she is a demon and are perplexed about how the student managed to summon a human. 

Amongst enemies and with no clear path home, Adriana is forced to pretend that she is human. Will she be able to maintain the facade until she can return to her kingdom, or will she be found out?


Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn is a YA fantasy novel, and I tend to read YA novels while keeping the question, "Would I be comfortable with my niece, or younger sister-in-law reading this?" in mind. Before I answer this question, let us take a look at some of other elements in this book:

The setting and the characters are as complex and developed as one might expect from a YA novel that is less than 200-pages-long; which is enough to set tone and mood, but was not enough for me to feel an emotional attachment to the setting and characters. 

The romance in the novel is appropriate for pre-teen YA readers, but the Romeo and Juliet style romance may be a little cliched for older readers. I felt that the author spent more time building the romance between the protagonist and one of the mages-in-training than building the world and developing characters. I was a little disappointed by this because I saw some potential in the world that the author created. 

To answer the question; "Would I be comfortable with my niece, or younger sister-in-law reading this?" I will answer, "I do not know." The reason why is because Adriana is described as independent and strong, but I really did not see this character's strength because she heavily relied on the men in her life to come to her rescue. This may be caused by the adverse circumstances that Adriana found herself in, or it may be a theme that we will see as the series develops.

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In order to answer the question with a definitive "yes" or "no," I would need to read the whole series to see if Adriana is as independent and strong as she is described and can stand on her own, or if she will always rely on the men in her life to come save her. 

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