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Eleven Floors by Robert Lampros

Eleven Floors by Robert Lampros, faith-based lit, book review, On My Kindle

I downloaded a free copy of this book at the author's request.


"Eleven Floors is a short novel about a young man's first year at college the year after his father passed away. He struggles to succeed academically and socially, while maintaining faith in Jesus Christ, and adjusting to life in a new world. With help from God, from his friends, and from Lynn, the woman he falls in love with, Charles hopes to fulfill his destiny."

~ Back cover summary of Eleven Floors by Robert Lampros from Goodreads . ~


I thought the plot was interesting, and Lampros did an excellent job of switching between Charles' recollections of his past and the present; however, I had trouble connecting with Charles. There were times when Charles was reminiscing about his father and I felt like I could relate to him, but then the connection was interrupted by quotes from The Bible and the author never really shared with readers why those quotes were meaningful to Charles.

Throughout the book I felt like Charles was preparing himself and his friends for an imminent Judgement Day because he seemed so focused on sharing his faith with them. I thought that my interpretation was incorrect because I saw that an earlier edition of the book stated that it was the first part of a series, and I was surprised by the ending because there was an air of finality to it. 

You know that feeling you get when somebody tells a joke and everyone around you gets it a few moments before you do? That is how I felt when the book ended. 

Since I am not a Christian, I assumed that I missed something and started looking to see what I missed. I came across some ministry websites that discussed the meaning of the number eleven and discovered that some people associate the number eleven with judgement; which helped me to make sense of the ending. I do not know if this was how the author wanted readers to interpret the ending, but that is how I interpreted it.
Robert Lampros, author, Eleven Floors, On My Kindle
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I think that Eleven Floors is best suited for people who have a little more understanding of Scripture than I do; perhaps it would be a good read for a youth group to take the time to discuss their interpretations of Scripture as they relate to the story.

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Update 12/6/18

I was getting ready to add this to my "Blast From The Past" social media campaign and discovered that this book is shown as "out of print" on Amazon. If I discover that it is available again, I will let you know.