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Gilded Moon: The Sapphire Star Saga Book 2 by A.L. Meinhold

Gilded Moon, The Sapphires Star Saga, A.L. Meinhold, book review, On My Kindle

I downloaded a free copy of this book from Smashwords at the author's request.


Feeling betrayed by Rhyan's decision to leave with Gavin, the remaining four daughters continue their training; hoping that the loss of one daughter will not affect the outcome of the imminent battle against Axiom. Individually their powers have strengthened; however, Rhyan's betrayal has cut deep, making it difficult for the daughters to trust each other.

As each daughter's powers grow, so do the problems they face: the council wants to decide how to punish Rhyan for her betrayal when, or if, she returns; Evangeline grapples with her attraction to Lord Byron, though he seems more attracted to Lillian; Victoria finds herself on a quest to save Alex from a foe that is terrorizing her dreams; and Rhyan comes to the realization that both she and Gavin are pawns in Axiom's dangerous game.

The daughters' individual battles are tearing them apart and wreaking havoc with their powers; will they attain the unity they need to defeat a common foe, or will their personal battles be the end of them?


In Gilded Moon, readers quickly discover that the closeness that the daughters were achieving in the first book is not easy to maintain as they are still reeling from the loss and betrayal caused by Rhyan's departure. We get to see how the resulting exhaustion and distrust between the daughters affect their powers and their relationships with each other; if the grass is really greener in Axiom's part of the world as we check in on Rhyan; and discover the mistakes that some people made in their interpretations of Samhelia's prophecy.

I enjoyed Fated Volition, the first book in The Sapphire Star Saga, so I have been looking forward to reading Gilded Moon. Meinhold did not miss a beat as she picked up a little over a month after the battle with the giants in Fated Volition. Within the first few pages, readers get the impression that all is not well with the daughters as Meinhold quickly draws readers into the world she has created.

The Sapphire Star Series, A.L. Meinhold, Gilded Moon, On My Kindle
A.L. Meinhold, author:
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Wielding the imagery that she used to describe the landscape in Fated Volition, Meinhold guides readers through a maze of deception, misunderstandings, and disagreements that leads to some unexpected revelations and a deeper understanding of the daughters on a personal level. 

Gilded Moon is fantastic, wondrous, romantic, and sometimes dark; it was easy to immerse myself in, and difficult to remove myself from, the world that Meinhold created. I am looking forward to the next book in The Sapphire Star Saga.

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Fated Volition is currently free on Smashwords. If you are looking to get started on a great fantasy series, it is a great place to start. While you are there, go on ahead and pick up a copy of Gilded Moon; you won't be sorry!