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Introducing Super Sporty by Ellie Firestone

Super Sporty 1 & 2, Ellie Firestone, book review, On My Kindle

I downloaded a copy of this eBook when the author offered it for free over the holiday season.


Introducing Super Sporty contains the first two books of the Super Sporty series that revolves around two superheroes who also happen to be horses and basketball players. 

In Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly, Sporty uncovers a plot to kidnap the basketball team's captain, Trinity, right before the playoffs. With the help of her friend, Harley, the two find out that villainous aliens are behind Trinity's abduction. Can Sporty and Harley save Trinity in time for the playoffs, or will the team have to forfeit because they are down a player?

The second book in the series, Super Sporty 2: Two Horses, One Mission; Sporty and Harley find out that a dangerous alien has escaped from prison and plans to take over the world using a cloning machine on himself. To make matters worse, the evil alien has convinced a teammate to help him kidnap Harley; putting both superheros and the world in jeopardy. Can Sporty save Harley before it is too late, or will the evil alien's plans to rule the world succeed?

Super Sporty series, Ellie Firestone, On My KindleReview

Having already read and reviewed the third book, Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces, I knew that I would enjoy this book and grabbed it when Ellie offered it for free during the holidays.

The premise of this book is fun. Sporty and Harley are two superhero horses who play basketball, live in apartments, eat waffles for breakfast, and change into their superhero outfits before flying off to fight evil. 

I enjoyed how the superheroes' lifestyles were described in detail, and thought that the characters that Sporty and Harley interacted with were colorful and fun. I also liked that both books contained morals about teamwork and the price for betraying a teammate; there was an emphasis on this trait, but it was not preachy.

The book is illustrated by the author herself and they are as colorful and bright as the characters they portray. It is not a picture book, but the illustrations certainly add enough interest to keep children engaged.

Introducing Super Sporty by Ellie Firestone is a great beginning to a wonderful series that children are sure to enjoy!

These are books that I would read to children as young as 4 and as old as 6; they are short enough for small attention spans and fast-paced, but complex enough that a 7- or 8-year-old could read them independently and not be bored.

Ellie Firestone, author, On My Kindle
Ellie Firestone, author
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    Update June 5, 2019

    I just found out that Ellie Firestone has decided to unpublish her Super Sporty books. There may be a few paperbacks being sold by third-party sellers floating around; however, the eBook versions of the series are no longer available.