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Liberty and Means by Kristin Dow

Liberty and Means by Kristin Dow, book review by On My Kindle

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction    Format: eBook    
Publication Date: 12/04/2015
Source: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Shannon Clark is a career woman who, with the help of her mentor, seems like she will be quickly moving up within the company. When a co-worker who she secretly has the hots for, Brad, mentions that he has entered a sweepstakes online, she decides to enter in order to humor him. What Shannon did not realize at the time was that her decision to enter would not only get Brad's attention in the future, but it would also alter the course of her life.

Can money bring happiness, or is it a necessary evil to be endured? Shannon is about to find out.


At first I thought that the plot was going to be a bit of a romp as the protagonist traveled the world in a fit of self-discovery; however, Shannon is far too sensible for such flights of fancy and the story addresses the numerous pitfalls associated with winning a large sum of money. As Shannon discovers, many doors open once she has won the sweepstakes; however, it becomes clear that Shannon wishes that some of those doors remained closed. 

I found myself liking Shannon; she is a sensible and hard working woman who has had a few tough breaks in life. She does not want the money to change her life, but recognizes that it will and she makes the effort to ensure that it does not change her as a person. While she initially resists allowing the money to change her life, she eventually sees it as a chance to reevaluate her passions and priorities in life. 

In all honesty, the characters were so realistic that I found myself checking to see if the book and its characters were fictitious as all of the characters had flaws as well as redeeming traits. I was surprised by the depth of the characters and how easy it was to compare some of Shannon's experiences with my own. Dow did a wonderful job with character creation and I felt like I knew several of the characters by the end of the book.

Liberty and Means by Kristin Dow is not your average "fluffy" chic-lit; it has plenty of substance and the tone changes from lighthearted to serious depending on the situation that Shannon finds herself in. I found myself wondering what I would do in Shannon's situation and thought that the book answered the question of "Can money bring happiness?" in a thoughtful, philosophical, entertaining, and relevant way.

Kristin Dow, author of Liberty and Means, On My Kindle book review
Kristin Dow, Author

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