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Of Gods, Royals & Superman (A Novel) by Tom Maremaa

Tom Maremaa, Of Gods, Royals & Superman, book review, On My Kindle

I received a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.


Of Gods, Royals & Superman is centered on two protagonists, Christopher Reed and Morgan Kinder:

Christopher, a senior law major at Dartmouth and president of the Quad Alpha fraternity, is planning on attending law school after finishing his senior year. The Reed men have attended Dartmouth for several generations; however Christopher is not quite living up to the reputation his family has at this prestigious university. What Christopher is known for the pranks that he has presided over in the fraternity; which have landed him in the Dean's office.

The Dean states his intent to expel Christopher, but then seems to have a change of heart as he cuts a deal with Christopher; Christopher has six months to do perform a great deed. If Christopher performs this great deed, then he will be allowed to return; however, if Christopher fails to perform this great deed in six months, his expulsion is permanent. With the threat of expulsion hanging over his head, Christopher begins his search for greatness.

Morgan Kinder is also a senior at Dartmouth; however, her major is English and she is in the middle of an internship with a publishing house. When her boss suggests she visit the warehouse to get a feel for another aspect of the business, she discovers a forgotten author and his group of followers; the Royals. It does not take her long to get drawn into uncovering the mystery surrounding the author, and she begins her own journey to search for an author who has done everything he can to keep himself out of the spotlight.


While it was obvious to me that the divergent paths of the protagonists, Christopher and Morgan, would converge; when that would happen was unpredictable as the author took readers on a journey filled with complex twists and turns.

There are many threads to follow in the story, and Maremaa does a good job of keeping them all straight so that readers can keep up. The beginning of the book starts out a bit slow as the first chapter gives readers a brief history of the Reed family line; however, the pace picks up as readers are fast-forwarded to Christopher’s time.

There are some other slow bits in the plot when readers get a chance to read one of the older, Puritanical-style literary works that Christopher is reading. I do not really enjoy reading Puritanical literature; however, I stuck through it and was rewarded with a better understanding of the ideals that Christopher’s family expected him to live up to.

Tom Maremaa, author, On My Kindle
Tom Maremaa, author:
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Finally, I recognized and enjoyed the references in the book to the original Superman movies and 1960’s science fiction novels, but the references are woven into a relevant and modern story. This not only gives the book a contemporary feel, but it also gives it the potential to be a timeless cult classic.

Of Gods, Royals & Superman has what all coming-of-age stories should have: a mind-bending, life-altering journey; cool characters; plenty of slang; and an awesome ending!

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