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A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukar

A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukar, On My Kindle book review

Genre: Non-Fiction/Autobiography   Format: eBook   
Publication Date: 12/01/2015
Source: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


"This book is the fascinating true-life story of a father who had no western education yet strived so hard to ensure that his children got the education which he so much desired but never obtained. It also captures the inspiring account of how a child abused by foster parents turned out to be an award winning lecturer." ~ Excerpt from description of A Father's Legacy on
The book, A Father's Legacy, is an autobiographical journey that guides readers through the trials, tribulations, and victories that made the author the person that he is today. The author goes to great lengths to not only recognize his father, a hard-working man who wanted his sons to receive the formal education that he never did, but also to recognize all of the people in his life who helped him overcome obstacles in order to achieve the success that he enjoys today.


Using precise language and a hopeful tone, Bakar shares interesting insights with readers as he guides them through his memories. I personally enjoyed the stories he shared about his learning experiences during what we in America would term his "residency" at the local clinics and hospitals. I was surprised by some of the policies and procedures that he either spearheaded, or implemented himself because many of these practices had already been implemented in the United States; this not only made me admire his ingenuity, but this also made me realize that there are many conveniences here in America that we take for granted. 

I enjoyed reading about his beliefs and how those beliefs are practiced in Nigeria. Having once been affiliated with a religion that also required fasting once a year, I was pleased to see how another society implemented this practice; especially for individuals who have recently come of age. I found myself envying these practices since fasting was considered a very solemn time in my community, which made it even more difficult to adhere to when I was "of age." 

My initial misgivings about the discussion of the abuse that the author suffered as a child were diffused when the author discussed the situation briefly and moved on. While he shares other traumatic memories, he seems to have taken great pains to make these discussions brief. I was both relieved and grateful for his sensitivity and effort in these matters.

My only criticism is that I found the first couple of chapters difficult to follow; the author sometimes goes off on tangents in order to recognize people, and I got lost a couple of times when this happened. I was also surprised that he waited until the end to discuss his father and his wife in a little more detail; however, I think that since he wanted to recognize the people who contributed to his success, he waited until the end to recognize the people he felt were a pivotal part of that success.

Dr. Mohammed Bukar, book image, On My Kindle
If you are looking for an inspirational story about overcoming adversity from a person who is still humble and down-to-earth, A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukar is a very enjoyable and enlightening read.

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To find out more about Dr. Bukar and his efforts to improve the healthcare system in Nigeria, please visit his website

To purchase A Father's Legacy, you can purchase the book directly from his website (which I recommend), or you can find the book on Amazon.