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Beyond Death (The Afterlife Series Book 1) by Deb McEwan

Genre: Fiction, Thriller   Format: eBook   Publication Date: June 12, 2014
Source: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review


Claire Sylvester has died before her time. One moment she is taking a cab home to get ready for work after spending the night with her fiance; the next thing she knows is that she is some strange place with the inattentive cab driver, Ron, who caused the accident that killed her. Claire soon discovers that she and Ron are in limbo, the place where souls wait until a decision has been made to send them to heaven, or to hell.

While in limbo, the pair are able to watch their as their loved ones try to move on with their lives; however, there are forces in the land of the living who are trying to hurt the ones they love. Ron and Claire discover that they have some influence over the living world, but is it enough to save their loved ones?


Beyond Death combines several afterlife theories including limbo, purgatory, and reincarnation to spin an intriguing tale of love, revenge, deceit, lies, and forgiveness. There are several subplots in the book as the lives of both families intertwine through a series of events beginning with Ron's and Claire's deaths. The author does a great job of transitioning between the land of the living and limbo while taking readers on a thrilling ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. 

I found it interesting that the author used afterlife theories from different belief systems and managed to seamlessly integrate them to create a realistic and compelling setting. The characters were engaging; each had their own personality quirks and room for growth, plus they seemed to react to their situations in a way that seemed realistic. I was able to empathize with the characters and found myself wanting to read this book straight through to see how things would turn out for them.

Beyond Death is a complex and compelling read as it has both light and dark aspects to it. It is easy to get through because the pace is pretty steady; however, this is not a light, poolside read, unless you want to get sunburned. However, if you are looking for a thrilling and intriguing page-turner that can make you think about what is waiting for us on the "other side;" Beyond Death will not disappoint!

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