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The Circuit: Progeny of Vale (The Circuit Series, Book 2) by Rhett C. Bruno

The Circuit: Progeny of Vale (The Circuit Series, Book 2) by Rhett C. Bruno, Reviewed by On My Kindle

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Format: eBook, Print
Date of Publication: March 15. 2016
Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


Progeny of Vale picks up where the first book, Executor Rising, left off: After kidnapping Sage Volus, Cassius frees of the implants that The Tribune used to block her memories of the past and track her in the hopes that she will side with him. Sage spurns Cassius's ideals and makes her way back to The Tribune in an effort to prove her loyalty.

Cassius Vale's plans to start a war between the Ceresians and The Tribune are moving forward. After destroying one of the Ceresian planets, Kalliope, Cassius claims that The Tribune is responsible for the destruction, and offers his assistance to the Ceresian factions in the upcoming war. The Ceresian faction leaders are understandably reluctant to accept his help because of his past ties to The Tribune and his participation in the atrocities against the Ceresians. 

Talon Rayne finds himself on one of the Solar Arks that house people afflicted with the Blue Death, an affliction caused by exposure to Gravitum. When the Solar Ark is attacked, Talon sees it as an opportunity to escape and be reunited with his daughter on Kalliope. When he discovers Kalliope's fate, he assumes that his daughter his dead and joins one of the Ceresian factions that is planning a retaliatory strike against The Tribune.


Progeny of Vale begins by giving readers a glimpse of Sage's past memories that were being blocked by the implants that she received when she became an Executor. Some critics of Executor Rising argued that Sage's character was weak and indecisive, but Bruno addresses these concerns by giving us a glimpse of Sage's past; readers begin to understand Sage's inner struggle, and we get a chance to see how she copes without the implants. 

I have some trouble thinking of Cassius as a hero; he is a ruthless person who is motivated by a personal vendetta. He has no problem with killing those caught in the middle in order to achieve his ends. It is nice that he justifies his actions by saying that they are for the betterment of humanity, but his motives are purely self-interested. He is playing both sides, and it would not bother me in the slightest if he was caught doing it.

I thought that there was quite a bit of action in the book; most of the fighting is done on the ground, which is appropriate when one realizes that the various colonies are not as technologically advanced as The Tribune. This makes the categorization of the series as a "space opera" a bit misleading since space operas focus on war in space, rather than on the ground. However, the breaks in the action are where the story shines because Bruno fleshes out the characters and provides intrigue during those breaks.

Having read Executor Rising and Progeny of Vale in quick succession, I think that Bruno has done a great job of maintaining continuity in the story line. I am glad that I had the opportunity to read these books back-to-back; Bruno recaps some pertinent events from Executor Rising, but these recaps are scattered throughout the book. I personally do not have a problem with this because I generally re-read the previous book in a series before I move on to a newly released book in a series. If it has been some time since you read Executor Rising, then I recommend reading it again before reading Progeny of Vale.

Progeny of Vale is a flawless continuation of the plot in Executor Rising. The series has a combination of politics, intrigue, action, and character evolution that will keep science fiction geeks like me wanting more.

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Rhett C. Bruno, Author of The Circuit Series, Reviewed by On My Kindle
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