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The Circuit: Executor Rising (Book 1 of The Circuit Series) by Rhett C. Bruno

The Circuit: Executor Rising (Book 1 of The Circuit Series) by Rhett C. Bruno, Reviewed by On My Kindle

Genre:  Science Fiction, Space Opera
Format:  eBook, Print
Publication Date:  June 10, 2014
Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


Several hundred years after humanity's greed for a valuable resource, Gravitum, rendered Earth uninhabitable, humanity colonized other planets. The resulting network of colonies, called the "Kepler Circuit" is overseen by a religious and corrupt council known as the "New Earth Tribunal." Not everyone in the Circuit agrees with the Tribunal's heavy hand and there are not any rebel factions that are big, or powerful enough to wage a war on the Tribunal. Because of this, most faction leaders are content to smuggle goods to be sold on the black market, or raid smaller Tribunal craft that they happen to cross paths with; however, someone is incapacitating and raiding Tribunal vessels carrying Gravitum, and the Tribunal wants to find out who is behind these raids.

The task of discovering which rebel faction is behind the raids and infiltrating it is given to Sage Volus; Tribunal Executor, spy and assassin. What she discovers challenge her beliefs, physical body, heart, and mind.


The beginning of the book drops readers right into the plot, but humanity's history is revealed as the plot unfolds in a dark and elaborate galaxy created by Bruno. Readers immediately get the sense that humanity's fate in space is overseen by an unjust and corrupt group, and that insatiable greed for resources and power are what ultimately drove humanity into space. 

There are three major players in this plot; the characters have exquisitely crafted histories that are revealed during crucial plot points and, as the plot continues, readers will find that the connections between the characters are multi-faceted. 

There are several aspects of the book that I enjoyed: 
  • The setting is very detailed, it was easy for me to become immersed in the world. 
  • All of the characters were interesting; each had a compelling history and I understood each character's motivations. 
  • The socioeconomic and sociopolitical aspects of the story were complete and clearly explained.
  • There are subversive elements and action in the book, so there was always something going on; even during the breaks in action.

Finally, despite the fact that some readers may think that Bruno is using the standard "damsel in distress" trope with Sage, I like her. She seems young and indoctrinated; these characteristics make her an excellent tool for the Tribune, but they also cause her to be distressed when she finds evidence that forces her to question her beliefs. It added some realism to her character, which I appreciated.

Executor Rising will leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more! I am looking forward to reading the next book in The Circuit Series, Progeny of Vale.

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