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The Silk Mind (Atlar Book 1) by Pete Alex Harris

The Silk Mind by Pete Alex Harris, book review by On My Kindle

Genre: Fantasy
Format: eBook
Publication Date: September 08, 2015
Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


Ashlin Smith is bored by his work with the Royal Badger Survey; he wants to settle down, find a pretty girl, and work as a blacksmith. He decides to resign from the Survey, but his supervisor, Dr. Grey, has other plans for him. 

Instead of accepting Ashlin's resignation, Dr. Grey sends Ashlin and his co-workers north to investigate rumors of an unusual badger. When the team finds the unusual badger, their discovery leads them on a path that reveals the Royal Badger Survey's true purpose.


The first couple of pages may seem a little mundane to readers, but Ashlin is a realistically mundane young man who is dying to sow his wild oats a bit. Fortunately for us, but not for poor Ashlin, his duties are about to become far more interesting. 

The first clue that readers are given about the Survey's true purpose is when the team meets with the local pastor who sent word about this unusual badger. It did not take me too long to divine the Survey's true purpose; however, there was more going on than I had initially discerned. 

Readers discover that the description of the book makes the plot sound simple, but it is not. Behind its simple facade lies a rich landscape, an intricate sociopolitical system, fascinating characters, and perilous adventures as Harris unites Grimm-style fairy tales and fantasy to create a truly remarkable world.

Harris is like a spider in a web waiting for his prey. One starts reading his books thinking, "I will just read a few pages" and before you know it, you are wrapped up in the web of his plot and realizing that "just a few pages" turned out to be an all night reading marathon. 

The Silk Mind is definitely a must-have for readers that are looking for a fantasy fix, but are not interested in a long, drawn out epic.

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If you are new to the blog, you might not know that I have worked with Pete before. I reviewed a copy of his book, Miasma, and he was kind enough to put a snippet from that review on the book's back cover.

Pete Alex Harris, Author of The Silk Mind, review by On My Kindle
Pete Alex Harris, Author
Photo courtesy of  Movellas

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