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Rufus and The Flying Carpet by Pauli Murphy

Cover image of Rufus and The Flying Carpet by Pauli Murphy. Book reviewed by On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Children's books
Format: eBook, Print, Audio
Number of Pages: 56
Publication Date: November 11, 2015


The first in a series of wonderful adventures for Rufus and his Friends, after the discovery of the Incredible Flying Carpet!      ~ Summary from Goodreads ~


I learned about this book back in January, so I've been looking forward to reading this book!

Rufus and The Flying Carpet is an imaginative tale about how a young and inquisitive rabbit, Rufus, happens upon a flying carpet. Using a combination of hard work, cooperation, respect, and courtesy; Rufus and his friends are able to enjoy the benefits of having a magical flying carpet.

While reading this beautifully creative tale, I noticed that Murphy has a flair for highlighting good character traits by demonstrating that exhibiting these traits will lead to a positive outcome. These little lessons are woven skillfully throughout Rufus' adventure so that they become a crucial part of the story.

While 4- or 5- year old children will struggle a bit with the words, Rufus and The Flying Carpet is an appropriate story for children of all ages. The delightful and whimsical illustrations encourage children to let their imaginations soar as they hear/read about the exciting experiences that Rufus and his friends have.

To be honest, my inner child wishes that there were more illustrations; however, it would be a fantastic addition to any family's library.

About Pauli Murphy

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Pauli Murphy, author.
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I'm a refusing-to-grow-up, [hence the above photo, taken about 40 years ago]Wannabe Gyroplane instructor who felt passionately that he wanted to write animal adventure stories for Children of ALL ages and fell to doing this recently. The other photo is a recent one, dressed up like a stuffed shirt, at a very good party !
Recent photo of Pauli Murphy, author. Book review by On My Kindle
Pauli Murphy, author.
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