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Tales from the Land of Forever by B.A. Keating

Front cover image of Tales from the Land of Forever by B.A. Keating

Genre: Children's, Middle Grade, Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Number of Pages: 236
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were suddenly transported from your world into another, with no way of ever getting home again?

Ten year old Sarah George thought her life couldn’t get any worse after the death of her father and being forced to move to the Cornish countryside to live with her dreadful Aunt Maude. But after sneaking into the manor library late one night – despite her aunt’s express instructions to never set foot in there – and stumbling upon an ancient book, Sarah soon discovers that things can indeed get much worse when she is somehow magically transported to the far-off and enchanted Land of Forever...


My first impression of Tales from the Land of Forever was that it reminded me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Sarah accidentally triggers an object that transports her to an alternate reality filled with talking animals as well as characters from fairy tales and myths. The main distinction between the two books is that Tales from the Land of Forever does not include religious symbolism.

The story is a wondrous adventure filled with magic and endearing characters that include leprechauns, a dragon, and a wizard. Keating did a great job with character development; from our sweet and inquisitive protagonist, Sarah, to the snarky and spiteful "hero," Fidget. Each character has a distinct personality and history, and they each have an important role to play in Sarah's adventure.

The setting that Keating created is spectacular. Children will find it appealing as it is filled with a rainbow of colors, interesting flora and fauna, and an almost endless supply of sweets. Keating is quite expressive in her descriptions of the different settings, and it is easy to become absorbed in the fantastical world that she has created.

The vocabulary is a bit advanced for 8-year-old children; however, given the settings and the characters, it is unlikely that pre-teens will enjoy it. Word Wise is enabled for the book, and the story is engaging enough to keep the vocabulary building aspect of the book from being a tedious chore. I would have enjoyed reading it when I was seven or eight, and I would have enjoyed it being read to me when I was four or five.

All in all, I found Tales from the Land of Forever a delightful read. It reminded me of the sense of wonder that I had as a child. I think the story is something that a family could read together and enjoy, or an eight-year-old could read on her/his own. I will be happy to read this story with my niece when she gets older, and I recommend this as a great before-bedtime story as the book is broken up into chapters with clear breaks in the action.

About the Author

B.A. Keating, author of Tales from the Land of Forever; reviewed by On My Kindle
B.A. Keating, Author
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B.A. (Beverley Anne) Keating has been an avid reader since the age of four. Her love of fairytales, heart-pounding adventures, and magical flights of fancy led her to put pen to paper to create her own fantastical tales for readers of all ages to enjoy and treasure.

Beverley was born in London, England but has lived and traveled around the globe – always with a book firmly clasped in hand - residing in both Portugal and New Zealand, before making her home in sunny California with her husband and four rescue kitties. She trained as a classical ballet dancer for 13 years and attended a prestigious dance academy in London. Aside from reading and writing fabulously entertaining stories for cool, fun kids, she also loves animals, nature, watching movies, eating pizza, and Christmas.

B.A. Keating’s middle grade novels currently available include:

Tales from the Land of Forever: A magical, heart-stopping adventure that sees our young heroine, Sarah George, plucked from the safety and comfort of her home in London and transported to the far off and fantastical Land of Forever, where she must begin an epic quest to find her way back home to the Ordinary World and her family once more. Will Sarah and her friends find the elusive Bookkeeper? Or will the deadly Watchers steal her soul and leave her trapped as a prisoner in the Silent Forest forever?

The Academy – Year One: Every young girl dreams of being a ballet dancer, of stepping gracefully onstage at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in a beautifully bejeweled tutu and sparkling tiara; and Molly Plum was no exception. Being accepted into the English Ballet Theatre’s Academy of Dance was 11 year old Molly’s greatest dream true, but will that dream turn into a nightmare that threatens her chances of ever becoming a ballerina? Enter the hallowed halls of the Academy, a prestigious ballet school steeped in history and rich with tradition, and peek behind the stage door into a world filled with pointe shoes, tutus, friendships and rivalries.

Beverley Anne’s latest middle grade novel, The Wood at the Bottom of the Garden Gate - a rich and exciting modern day fairytale about a secret magical wood, filled with every fairytale creature one could possibly imagine, that is in desperate need of protection from the ravages of man and his ever-increasing need to plunder and destroy our planet – will be available Spring 2016.

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