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Chameleon by Layden Robinson

Front cover image of Chameleon by Layden Robinson

Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Fiction, Dark Fiction, Short Story
Format: eBook
Publication Date: May 20, 2014


Described as an, "Epic tale of a mysterious man in search of peace, love and eternal answers," on Goodreads; Chameleon takes readers on an incredible ride through the dark alleyways and sunlit paths of the mind.


I reviewed Robinson's book, The Boston Ranter, a couple of months ago and I felt like I was an outsider listening to an inside joke. Robinson was a good sport about it, and generously offered me a couple of other books that I might enjoy. 

I started reading this book without really knowing what to expect; even after reading the description. Depending on who you are and your reading style, there really are three different ways to take the book: 
  • Literally
  • Metaphorically
  • A combination of literally and metaphorically
If you take the book literally, it reads like a short, dark fantasy epic. If you look at the book on a metaphorical level (which I did initially), it is a mind-blowing journey where white, black, and every shade of gray exists. You will argue that it is a philosophical contemporary fiction work. If you look at it as metaphor mixed with reality, you will think that it is a horror short story. 

What you will not find is a protagonist with a clear back story. You do not really know where he came from, where he is, or how he got to the place that he is; all of this is not really important. What is important is where he is at in the present, and his destination. 

The landscape that the protagonist is journeying through is dark and hopeless with a few places of light. It is easy to get drawn into the story immediately because you are wanting to know where this protagonist is going, and you really do not know what to expect. 

I am actually blown away by Chameleon. The description of the landscape is detailed and flawlessly executed, and there are so many ways to interpret the story. How you view the story seems to depend on your mindset going into the story, your life experiences, your mood, and what you expect to see. My interpretation of the story changed each time I read it. 

If you are looking for a dark and unique read, something that is provides you with new insights each time you read it, or if you think you have read just about everything that there is to read; grab a copy of Chameleon and read it a few times, because it is unlike anything that you have read before. 

About the Author

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Layden Robinson is a performer of Alternative, Blue Eyed Soul Music influenced by some of the Modern and Past greats such as Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Prince, Kings Of Leon, The Black Crowes and TOOL.

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