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Resilience (Resiliency Book 2) by Ica Iova

Cover image of Resilience by Ica Iova. Reviewed by On My Kindle Book Reviews.

Source:  I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre:  Fiction, Women's Fiction, Suspense
Format:  eBook, Print
Publication Date:  January 5, 2016


After an antagonistic divorce from her husband Louis, Johanna is fighting for custody of her children. Louis and his mother are making the battle even more difficult as they use their influence and money to persuade the court that Johanna is an unfit mother.

To make things worse, Louis is murdered and the only suspect is Johanna. Even in death, it seems that Louis is conspiring to take away her children. In an act of desperation, Johanna seeks out the only lawyer she knows who will give her a chance of winning the case; a man who she spurned shortly after her divorce from Louis.

Will he overlook the past and take her on as a client, or will Johanna be left to her own devices to prove her innocence?


I have not read the first book in the Resiliency series; however, it was not necessary. Iova does a great job of providing enough of a history to let readers know that Louis and his mother are controlling and arrogant, and that their marriage was emotionally abusive. It is apparent that the divorce was tough on Johanna, and the custody battle afterwards is even worse for her and the kids.

Iova focuses more on the characters than the setting, which is a plus for me because I enjoy books that focus more on character development. I found that the timing of the murder provided an interesting twist, even though I was expecting it from the blurb. 

Since the blurb mentioned a romance, I expected that the murder would happen earlier in the book and the rest of the book would focus on the romance. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the other plot points in the story took center stage, rather than watching as the romantic sub-plot consumed the story. 

The plot is realistic; the events that took place could happen to just about anyone. Iova took a standard trope and made it unique with realistic characters, a well-timed murder, and a shorter romantic sub-plot. All of these elements made Resilience a quick and easy read for me that I am happy to recommend to readers who enjoy suspenseful romances.

About Ica Iova

Image of Ica Iova Author. On My Kindle Book Reviews.
Ica Iova, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
Ica Iova is a Canadian multi award-winning author of several books. In 2014, her award-winning romance novel, Boundaries, was a finalist at World’s Best Story. Also in 2014, Ica won 3rd place at Tallenge short story competition with a short story titled, The Haunted House.

In 2015 her paranormal romance She Never Got To Say Goodbye won bronze at World’s Best Story.

She writes what she enjoys reading. When she is not writing, editing, or marketing, she’s a proud wife, mother, and grandmother, with a substantial sense of humor. She loves spending time with her family and pets, shopping for shoes, or just lazing around with a good book. She values the simple things money can’t buy, never compares herself with anyone else, never expects others to agree with her, and never follows the crowd.

To find out more about Ica Iova and her work, you can find her on the web and on social media:
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