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Fangs for the Memories: A Providence Paranormal College Romance by D.R. Perry

Cover image of Fangs for the Memories: A Providence Paranormal College Romance by D.R. Perry. Reviewed by On My Kindle Book Reviews.

Source: I bought an e-copy of this book from Amazon.
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: April 26, 2016

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Memory is a tricky business.

No one remembers Maddie May. That’s fine with her; just a side effect of Umbral magic. Unfortunately, she has to take the Magic Theory Lab at Providence Paranormal College. Maddie won’t pass if the Professor can’t remember her.

Henry Baxter’s a psychic vampire who can store total recall for himself and others. He’s been in business since 1986, but new regulations mean he needs a degree to keep operating. Going back to college after sixty years on earth is definitely a drag, especially since society treats vampires as second-class citizens.

The woman everyone forgets and the man who remembers everything seem a natural pair. While Maddie’s all for it, Henry keeps pushing her away. But what if the only way they’ll survive is together?


Since I featured a couple of D.R. Perry's books on the blog, but had not read them, I was curious about what I was featuring.

Maddie May needs to be remembered in order to pass her Magic Theory class, but her Umbral magic makes that impossible; well, almost impossible. It so happens that Henry Baxter, a psychic vampire, specializes in making amulets and objects that enable him and others to recall memories. Making Maddie memorable to others is an easy task for him.

Will the two of them find what they need in each other, or will they go their separate ways?


The book started out a bit slow for me; however, the plot gained some momentum after the main protagonists were introduced. Being a novella, I knew that there would not be a lot of time for the author to give readers a thorough history on the protagonists, so I was surprised to learn as much as I did about them.

Some might argue that the author's description of the setting suffered because the main protagonists were developed, but I prefer character development over setting development any day. The setting is described well enough to set the overall mood of the plot without making it a lengthy novel.

I have to admit that I died a little inside when I saw that the romance was between a vampire and a human. This trope has been played out before, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Perry put a unique spin on it. I really liked that Maddie could hold her own in a fight, rather than playing the damsel in distress and having her vampire boyfriend save her.

The romantic plot in the book is not really over the top; it is quite realistic and what one would expect from normal young adults. It is clean, and not so sweet that I had to drink my coffee black while reading this book for fear of hyperglycemia.

Despite the slow beginning, Fangs for the Memories turned out to be a quick, clean, and enjoyable paranormal romance read. If you are a fan of YA paranormal romances with realistic female protagonists that can hold their own in a fight, I think that you will enjoy the change of pace that D.R. Perry and Fangs for the Memories offer.

About D.R. Perry

Made in Rhode Island wax image. Image reprinted by On My Kindle Book Reviews with permission from D.R. Perry.
Reprinted with the permission 
of D.R. Perry
D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island, where all her books are set. Although she's not a native New Englander, once up north she got so inspired she couldn't leave. A wild Northern Muse attacked. D.R. used Typing; it was Super Effective.

D.R. writes all kinds of things. Mostly, they have strange and unusual elements. Not strange isotopes or Strontium or anything like that, but creatures who are people or people who are creatures. Beware of the Attack Poetry and rampant puns. Keep off the grass, or the song parodies may bite.

She lives with her husband, daughter, and dog in the Ocean State, which she loves to remind people is not an island and not Long Island. D.R. is well aware that her home state has both of those things, but isn't defined by them. Maybe she likes it here so much because it reminds her that she's also more than the sum of her parts.

D.R. hopes you have as much fun reading her books as she did writing them.

Have you read any of D.R. Perry's books? If so, let me know what you think of them in the comments.